About My Companion Saints

About My Companion Saints

Some of you probably know how I obtained the companion saints—St. Dismas and St. Veronica—pictured to the right of this post. Some of you may not.

On a post in January, +JMJ+ at Totus Tuus offered to prayerfully handpick a patron saint for those who stopped by her blog. When I saw this, how could I not ask her to pick a saint for me?
Even though I did not know her at all, I trusted that she would pick someone through prayer. For me, she picked St. Dismas and St. Veronica.
First, about St. Dismas …
To be perfectly honest, I never knew that the good thief’s name was Dismas. And I was a bit curious why I was being called to join him in praying for the conversion of prisoners. But I trusted that this was to be part of my faith journey this year.
Then, a few days after this happened, I shared it with my mom, and she got all excited at the mention of St. Dismas’ name. She went on to tell me that when she was in grade school, every Lent her parish had a mission that her family attended. In about 4th or 5th grade, she remembers the mission making a particularly deep impression on her. The Jesuit priests who were giving the mission talked about how the good thief entered the Kingdom that very day, because with a sincere heart he asked Jesus for forgiveness. Like him, we also can experience that same forgiveness each time we go to confession. Since then, she has always loved St. Dismas.
Then, she told me about a retreat she had just attended. One of the women who was on the retreat with her has a nephew in prison. He knew his aunt was going to be making this retreat, so he and some of his inmates wrote a letter to all the retreat participants telling them that they would be praying for them over the weekend. My mom said that the letter was very powerful, knowing that these men are going through great conversion—experiencing that forgiveness—while they are serving their prison sentence.
I was just in awe of this little connection to my 2009 companion saint!
I have thought about that young man and his fellow inmates quite a bit since my mom shared that story with me. God really can work in ALL, if we are open to Him. I will continue to ask St. Dismas to work in their hearts, and in the hearts of so many who are in need of God’s mercy and forgiveness.
And now for St. Veronica …
+JMJ+ blessed me with two saints, as she said, one to hold each of my hands. St. Veronica has a special place in my heart for one very obvious reason. One of my daughters shares her name.
But with this saint also came an invitation … to comfort Jesus through adoration.
I love Eucharistic adoration. In fact, I just attended a beautiful hour of adoration with my children. It was led by a priest and it was specifically for children and it was amazing! To witness these little kids reverently bowing before Jesus was breath-taking. They were so quiet, so attentive, so prayerful, so beautiful. I can only imagine how pleasing their prayers were to the Lord!
Our parish even has perpetual adoration, so it is quite convenient to slip into the chapel whenever I can.
But I do not have a regular holy hour. And so this has been my prayer-challenge. How do I unite with St. Veronica and encounter Jesus face-to-face? As I prepare for the upcoming Lenten season, this is what I am hoping to figure out.
Thank you, +JMJ+, for this beautiful gift you have given to so many. I already feel more united with my saints, and it has only been a few weeks since I met them.
If you would like a companion saint for 2009, +JMJ+ told me that she is still picking saints for people. Just visit her here.
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7 thoughts on “About My Companion Saints

  1. Thank you for sending Anna D for a saint. I just posted hers.

    Sarah, thanks for sharing these connections. They are the cherry on the top for me!

    St. Dismas was also the very first saint in heaven, such a reminder of God’s great mercy.

    So glad to also hear of your love for Adoration. You are soooo lucky to have PEA!

    God bless you and may your saints inspire you all year long!

  2. great saints-both of them.
    and the connection you spoke of-i had it too, i just haven’t written about it yet, but thanks so much for sharing yours.
    as for veronica-you know her name means true icon, have you heard that before? i think fr. angelus mentioned it at the parish retreat i went to.
    anyway, God bless and have a blessed evening.
    and thanks so much for all of your sweet encouragement. =)

  3. I realy enjoyed reading this post, and the connections you found with your saints! Maybe I will ‘go get a saint’ for myself. : ) Hearing about your chat with your mother, makes me miss mine. : (
    Thanks for sahring all you have. So insipiring.

  4. Allison, I am so blessed to have PEA at our church. I just have to figure out a plan to utilize it more. Maybe St. Veronica can help me along.

    Regan, I didn’t know that Veronica meant true icon. That is SO beautiful! I love it!! I look forward to reading about your saint connections if/when you decide to post them. You continue to be in my prayers.

    Sarah, Sure, you can “nick” the coffee pick. I don’t mind!

    Laura, If you do “go get a saint,” I will be curious to hear who was picked for you. And oh, it must be so hard to miss your mom. I know the day will come, but I really can’t imagine what it will be like. I am sorry! I will say a little prayer for comfort and peace for you tonight.

    God bless each of you!

  5. Oh, Anna, I do like that blog. Thank you for the recommendation! She writes at faithandfamilylive.com as well … I just subscribed to the magazine, and I am looking forward to receiving it in the mail …

    God bless you!

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