7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Every kid should have their picture taken inside a cupboard that has been emptied! My little guys haven’t thought of this in the kitchen. They have however, emptied all the videos and DVD’s from the cabinet under the TV and crawled in.

    That lead to me moving the movies – it’s almost Lent and we cut all TV (except for LOST, which the kids don’t watch). I cannot wait!

  2. I know. As soon as they’re a little older, believe me, they will be learning a clean-up game!! One for throwing food on the floor, too. You should see our floors after dinner! UGH! With two, they take things apart so quickly, I can’t believe it! My girls get a little upset, too, especially if they’ve just cleaned up the toys, and the twins get into them almost immediately. You have to keep a sense of humor, or you’d go crazy! To be honest, though, sometimes I LET them get into the Tupperware, if they’re restless, and I need them to be occupied while I’m making dinner or something … At least, I can keep an eye on them, and they can’t get hurt playing in this cabinet =)

  3. Hello Sarah! This is Elenatintil, the director of “The Shadow of the Bear.” You left a note on the blog saying that you might be able to help us locate a school to film in. Does the offer still stand? I know you are going through a difficult time with your father-in-law’s cancer, so I understand if things have changed. I hope your retreat went well!


    (You can respond to me at biblequizgirl@juno.com and I’d appreciate if you didn’t post this message so that I could keep my address private)

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