8 thoughts on “{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

  1. That looks like something that “Rebecca” would do. She got into my makeup just before we had to leave for 4-H. Lets just say mascara everywhere:)

    Always take the picture and then clean up. Those are the memories!

  2. Yes, Jamie and Amanda, I am trying to photograph (and celebrate!) the everyday more often … Not just birthdays and special occasions but how we live life on a daily basis (messes and all).

    Oh, and it’s just green marker. Needless-to-say she was still pretty messy at Mass. Oh well!

  3. okay – now *that’s* hilarious!!!! thanks for the laugh!!
    and thx for stopping by – good to meet you 🙂

  4. blogger just ate my comment.
    ugghhh…that makes me so mad!
    i am not even with it enough to remember what i just typed.
    so, sorry i missed your bday, happy belated. may HE give you many, many, many more.
    love the little leprachaun, she is just getting ready for the festivities.
    i did get your email. thanks. and sorry i haven’t had a chance to write you back.
    and yes, that sweet baby girl did pass away. please pray for her family, but especially her mama.
    take care and God bless.

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