Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

Thanks, Jamie, for tagging me for this meme. Here goes …

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. My daughter’s play this Friday night. She will be a pig in The Three Piggy Opera.
2. Warmer weather by the weekend.
3. Same daughter’s 5th birthday on Monday.
4. My 4th knitting class also on Monday.
5. My mom coming to stay with us for the summer.
6. Selling our house. (please pray!)
7. Starting to build our new house.
8. Having my mom come and live with us permanently in our new house.
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Got two of my girls ready for their Good Shepherd class.
2. Took my eldest daughter to Barnes & Noble for some one-on-one time.
3. Went for a walk with my neighbor.
4. Scrambled to get the house ready in 45 minutes for a showing.
5. Ate ice cream treats at Sonic during the showing.
6. Ordered a Klutz book for the almost-birthday girl.
7. Cleaned out the laundry room.
8. Read quietly with my husband after the kids were in bed … and noted that it isn’t too often you can actually hear the ticking of our kitchen clock, it was so quiet!
8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Attend Mass at least once during the week (besides Sunday of course).
2. Sew—anything really but especially dresses for my daughters.
3. Get caught up on my scrapbooks.
4. Be more interested in exercise. Except for walking, I’m just not inclined but wish I was.
5. Meet in person some of the fabulous ladies I’ve gotten to know through blogging.
6. Visit my mom in Florida with my older girls; they long to go …
7. Have a bit more time each day to pray, read and craft.
8. Travel to Italy for our 10-year wedding anniversary.
8 Shows I Watch:
1. Lost
2. Numbers
3. Pride & Prejudice (I think this counts since it was a TV mini-series =)
4. Little House on the Prairie (via DVDs)
the rest are hit or miss:
5. CSI: Miami
6. Law and Order: Criminal Intent
7. The Office
8. Food Network shows
8 (OK, 5) People I Tag:
1. Sarah (unless you discovered where you were tagged =)
4. Anna
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3 thoughts on “Crazy Eights

  1. Thanks for playing Sarah! That was fun to read!

    Good job, we like a lot of the same tv shows, very interesting!

  2. OK….we live in the same state and our husbands are going to be in the same room…so lets try to have a get together! Come up north you can meet me and Jamie!

    Did you start a St. Joseph novena for the sale of your home?

    Building…well good for you guys! You can have it the way you want it. I love picking out colors and lights.

  3. Christine and Jamie, I’d love to come “up north” and meet you both! Maybe this summer?! My mom will be staying with us, so perhaps it would be easier for me to come up one summer day for a get-together… What do you think?

    Yes, we prayed a St. Joseph novena for our home. We will probably do it again soon … Now that the ground has thawed, we can bury his statue in our yard, too.

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