OK. I liked it.

OK. I liked it.

I took my husband to see Star Trek for his birthday. It was his pick, of course, and I was going along because it was part of his gift. I didn’t care if I would like the movie or not, nor was I expecting to like it. I was happy to go just for him.

But I did like the movie. I liked it a lot. And my husband was very kind not to say, “I told you so.”
I’ve never seen any of the Star Trek series or former movies. I’ve never been interested. And I never thought I would be. However, I was interested in this particular movie version. I thought it was great!
Maybe it was because it was created to reach a wider audience. Maybe it was because J.J. Abrams, director of Lost, also directed it. (I am a big Lost fan.) Who knows. All I know is that it was a fun film.
I was impressed with the casting, especially the actor who played Spock. He portrayed a perfect younger Spock. I also thought the storyline was interesting, and of course, there was plenty of action (but not too much for folks like me who typically don’t like action or sci-fi flicks).
BTW, for not ever being interested in Star Trek, a lot of it certainly was familiar to me. I knew Spock and Captain Kirk. I’ve heard the expression “beam me up, Scotty” a billion times. And of course the hand gesture. It must be so much a part of our culture that even us non-trekkys know plenty about this ever-popular media phenomenon. Anyway, I just found that interesting …
Well, that’s all. Just thought I’d pass on this recommendation, especially to those who may normally pass it by.
Happy Weekend! Live long and prosper! 😉
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9 thoughts on “OK. I liked it.

  1. My youngest brother (age 23) had never seen any Star Trek old shows and knew nothing about it, he also loved the movie. I did not like the old shows….but might have to check out the movie, thanks for the review!

  2. My kids asked me something about Star Trek a few days ago and I said, "I have no idea — I've never seen any of them." They said, "ANY of the them?" They were astounded. I'm glad you liked it, but I don't think I'll be seeing this one either! 😉

  3. My husband wants to see it – we we'll get it on NetFlix or something later. For all of us to go to see it at the cinema would max us out. We go as a family to about two or three flicks a year. I know! But, I can't "waste" money like that. We want to buy UP on DVD so we can skip seeing it at the cinema. We want to see Year One, but will rent it on DVD later. The one we are going to the cinema for? Harry Potter when it comes out. We may go see Transformers . . . I am not interested so I would only go as a bystander so to speak. What a waste of $7.50 (for me to go, though).

  4. Anna and Jamie, If you see it, I hope you like it =)

    Barbara, I totally understand. I probably wouldn't have seen it if my husband hadn't picked it … Total bonus that I actually enjoyed it, too!

    Sarah, Movies are so outrageously expensive! We wait for most to come out on DVD, too. We saw "Up" with the trio. It was wonderful!! But we went to the $5 matinee, so a bit better …

  5. Star Trek was the only thing on late at night that I could watch while babysitting. I never was a fan of late night comedy … Star Trek was definitely the best pick. Therefore, I've viewed quite a few – out of desperation!

    We planned to see this show, but will wait for Netflix because of convenience. Glad you enjoyed it – even when you weren't planning on it.

  6. We've seen the movie, and everyone thought it was great. My husband has seen every episode of the original series, and we've watched some of the later ones together, particularly "Voyager" and "Enterprise." There were some references to those shows in the movie as well. I thought Karl Urban's role as Dr. McCoy was great. (He played Eomer in Lord of the Rings–I'm a huge fan). Thanks for the review!

  7. Trekkies from my husbands side loved it too. The JJ Abrams part is swaying to me as well as not only do I LUV LOST but also, Alias!

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