Hip to Be Square

Hip to Be Square

I used to love that song by Huey Lewis and the News. I was 10, and I thought it was such a catchy tune. I never knew any of the lyrics back then, just the chorus. (Can you see me bobbing around repeating that one line over and over again?!) But I recently looked the lyrics up just for fun, and I thought, “What???” Don’t worry, they’re not bad or anything. But I don’t think they’re very hip either. (LOL) Kind of dumb, which we don’t say in our house, but I couldn’t think of a better word! I guess I’ll just stick to enjoying the tune …

The squares that are really hip, though, are these that my mom and I are cutting out for our quilt(s)!

Mom’s hands.

My hands.

My mom has made quilts before. She made one with my grandma out of my baby and girlhood dresses. It is one of my most cherished possessions. When she made it with Grandma, rotary cutters weren’t around (or maybe they just didn’t have one; I don’t know). They cut each square with a scissors! So, when we were getting ready for our project, I told her we had to get one. And she’s just amazed at how quickly we’re able to cut out the squares!
The square ruler we’re using was made by my grandfather for my grandma’s sewing projects. Neat, huh?! I just love those things that were touched by someone so dear but who has been gone for so long. It makes me feel connected and close to him—and to my grandmother, too—once again.

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5 thoughts on “Hip to Be Square

  1. I have a quilt that is made out of my favorite T-shirts from high school clubs and organizations — dance, cheerleading, youth group — there's even one from World Youth Day in Denver! This is a great way to use T-shirts that have a memory connected to them, but aren't worn anymore. A cousin of my mom's made them for her sons to use on their beds at college.

  2. Yes, rotary cutters are the way to go! Your mom probably won't go back … Neat project to do together and the quilt will be cherished by you and all your kids for years to come.

  3. Sarah, thanks for your kind comments on my post. I don't sew either, so I'm very impressed with your skills!

    When my kids were little, it was all I could do to survive each day, reflective would not have described me then. I think those are years of active prayer in caring for our families, and as they grow and become more independent, we can spend more time in reflective prayer.

    Just imagine how it will be after they all leave the house!

    God bless you!

  4. 2-part comment for you, Sarah:

    1) I am SO going to look up those lyrics right now! (OH, and we don't use DUMB either. Or STUPID. Or FAT. Can't stand (not HATE …that's another one)those words. There are more….but I am already saying more than I meant to….lol)

    2). I know JUST what you mean…about loving that that square board was made by your grandfather…the connection. Family history in items we have bring such comfort and joy. I get you.

  5. It's nice to use things left us by previous generations, isn't it? Are you going to blog the making of your quilts? I'd be fascinated to read about it …

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