Diagnosis …

Diagnosis …

We got back from the doctor (see post below), and my son has Croup.

Poor. little. guy.
It must have been mother’s intuition for me to bring him in, because I always waffle about whether or not an illness is worthy of a doctor visit. I ask my husband or a neighbor’s advice, but I just never know myself. However, this time I just. had. to. call. Thank you, Lord, for that prompting!
He’s on an oral steroid, which will hopefully prevent us from having to go to the ER (where his cousin had to go last week for the same thing).

We’ve never had a Croup case in our home before. I guess it’s highly contagious, and with four other young kids, it makes me a bit nervous, as you can imagine.
So, if you please, remember to say a little prayer for my kids’ health. And please be assured of my prayers for your intentions, too.
Good night! And sweet dreams!
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11 thoughts on “Diagnosis …

  1. The best place to go with a croupy child when he can't catch his breath is outside. Crazy I know. The cold, moist air reduces the swelling in their throat. Many a night you could find me on the porch at 3 a.m. all bundled up and breathing cold night air. All my kids got croup for many years.

    I hope the other kids don't get it!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry. No fun at all. We've had croup here, too, and it just makes you worry, doesn't it? Praying for a swift recovery and that no one else gets it!!!

  3. we always found sitting in the bathroom with a hot shower really helped with croup. I think it is the same as the cool moist air that Barb suggested.


  4. My mom always had us sit in a steamed up bathroom, too. I'll pray for a speedy recovery and an isolated case. Let me know if you need anything else.

  5. I'm so sorry. We had that last year. The bathroom trick helped and we also put Vicks on the bottom of his feet covered with socks. I think it helped? Praying for you all.

  6. I am sorry about this having to happen to your son. Know that you are all in my prayers.:)

    Blessings on this beautiful day:)

  7. i had two croupy babies. my biggest boy had it many a times in october too. for some reason the croup loves october. and my girl almost died from a really bad croupy episode. had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. so it can be very serious. you've been given lots of good and correct advice. one last thing that the nurse told me was to be careful about keeping the house too warm. it's not good for germs and such.
    and if you could give him some cod liver oil i swear by that stuff!

    praying he gets better soon. and for you too, sarah.

  8. Oh, poor little baby!!!! I pray that it does not spread to everyone else and last for weeks!!!

    Prayers for mama too!!!

  9. Thank you, dear ladies, for your thoughtful comments, advice and prayers. I had no idea Croup was so common, but so many of you have been through it! I very much appreciated your tips. Your support definitely contributed to making this day a good one. He is doing much better tonight. The cough isn't that terrible barking kind anymore. He's still a bit warm and a little crabby at times, but he's getting back to normal. Now we will see if anyone else catches it … Thank you again!

  10. Sarah has left a new comment on your post "goodbye flowers":

    I have a question about your dishcloth pattern: You suggest using Lion brand yarn, but my craft store doesn't sell that brand of cotton yarn, but it sells Cream & Sugar brand (I think that's the name =) Could I use ANY cotton yarn, or have you found that Lion is *better*? Thank you! I think I'm going to make your dishcloths for Christmas presents! I'm a new knitter, but am enjoying it SO much!

    P.S. It snowed here on Monday. It is sad to see green leaves just fall without changing color =(
    Hi Sarah,
    You inquired about the yarn for the waffle weave dishcloth pattern I shared. I just happen to like the quality of the Lion Brand, but my sister has used the Sugar & Cream brand and has been very happy with it. I think most any cotton yarn would work fine. I hope this helps!
    I want to say what a wonderful site you have here ~ I am also a Catholic mom who used to homeschool. My kids are older now, and I still miss those wonderful days we spent together.
    I hope your son is feeling better soon!…and best wishes with the knitting.

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