There’s never a dull moment when you have children, is there?

On Friday night, my little boy fell and his front tooth fell out. Completely. Root and all.
I wasn’t home.
My husband called me and told me on the-cell-I-rarely-use to come home right away. Thankfully, I was already at the Target check out, and Target is only minutes from home.
While I was on my way, Greg called the doctor, who called an emergency room doctor. There wasn’t anything they could do for our son, as long as he didn’t have signs of a concussion, which he didn’t—thank God!
But before he called the doctor, Greg put our son’s tooth back in! (Yes. You read that correctly.)
The doctor was surprised that he could do this, but he said it was OK to try. (He actually asked Greg if he had military training, which I thought was pretty funny =)
Anyway … all weekend, our little guy has been very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. His mouth is swollen, and he is pretty cranky. The tooth has slipped down, but it hasn’t fallen out again …
We will call a pediatric dentist tomorrow to see what we should do, and most likely, we will make an appointment for our little guy this week.
This weekend, I was reminded of two things: 1) Our lives are so precious and fragile! Be gentle and teach gentleness to your children. 2) You can plan life out perfectly, but things can always happen to upset those plans. Be flexible and patient. Surrender every moment to the Lord.
I’ll keep you posted …
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6 thoughts on “Snaggletooth

  1. Poor little guy! And poor mom and dad! We've had our fair share of physical trauma among our sons, two of whom in particular seem to be accident prone. No fun whatsoever!

  2. Look at that little face! 🙁 Poor thing! Boys certainly are a different breed, aren't they. We will be praying for all of you. Let us know how things turn out.

  3. I have walked in your shoes!
    Crickles was all wrapped up in a towel after his bath and I told him to pick up the ends so he would not trip over them, because his hands were tucked into the towel, if he fell he would land on his face.

    Prediction or what?!? He was only 2 at the time. WHAMP! Right on his kisser, blood all over the place. I looked in his gob, his front tooth was almost knocked clean out, but I just shoved it right back in (not thinking about it; not knowing I could do that). I called our dentist who said to come in the next morning at ten.

    The next morning was 9-11 . . . my eldest was on the bus, I had to get Crickles to the "emergency" visit . . . had to leave Post . . . knowing it would be VERY long wait to get back on Post. As we left Post, the Pentagon was hit.

    So, I know the path you are on. Hopefully, daddy's fix sticks! Our dentist was impressed with my quick thinking. I wasn't thinking, trust me; just reacting!!! God watches out for us one way or another. Be sure of it!

    Many blessings!!!

  4. G.I Joe blackened a tooth once that we thought would die and fall out but miraculously whitened soon after.

    I think it's more amazing to replace a tooth and stick it back in. Our Lord certainly made us resilient.

    God bless your son!

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