Snow Day!

Snow Day!

The snow started yesterday, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. While driving home from the pediatrician’s office, the pure white snow reminded me of Mary. And it just felt like this snow was a little gift from God to remind me of His incredible love, His incredible plan for salvation …

To commemorate yesterday’s solemnity, we had a liturgical tea. It wasn’t exactly as I planned it, but no one was the wiser. I found these adorable cupcakes at SuperTarget, and they seemed just right—white and blue—for Our Lady. White hot cocoa was a great companion.
We sang Immaculate Mary together, read the day’s Gospel, and talked about what the Immaculate Conception is. My kinder-girl told me that God wanted a perfect mother for His Son. Yes, I thought to myself! (Seeds are being planted =)
This morning, we woke up to school being cancelled for the day. Snow day! Hooray!!
After reading this, I feel a little more lenient in allowing hot chocolate “just because.” Snow days seem especially appropriate.

We watched this movie today, too, covered in blankets with me working on some knitting.
Afterward, they wanted to play “Molly,” so I was on my own for baking cookies. They, of course, have had no problem helping to eat them! I made them with these dark chocolate and mint morsels. Just the recipe on the back of the package—oh so delicious!!
With two days in a row off of school, I think it will be good to be back into our routine tomorrow (in other words, the squabbling is starting to increase =) But what a lovely little wintery break it was.
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6 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. How very cozy! This inspires me to use some snow days as an excuse to skip school work. Good thing here will be plenty more!

  2. I want to come over and watch an American girl movie and have tea with you!!

    Those cookies sound delicious too!

    Snow days are fun! It looks like we got maybe about the same amount of snow….we got a few inches and lots of drifts! It's so exciting the first time and just in time for Christmas! It's really cold today though, too cold to play outside I think and the kiddos really want to play out!!

  3. Those cookies are from Heaven. I also blogged about them a while back. Brilliant!

    Have some hot cocoa for me! 😉

    I love seeing all these snow pictures!!!

  4. what a lovely peaceful post, sarah.
    i wish our snow day had been so peaceful…my hats off to you folks who live in perpetual snow. i am not crazy about the wet, cold stuff. but it sounds like you guys made the best of it. as for the squabbling…well, i have come to accept it. i don't know that it will ever end! hope your weekend is snuggly and sweet!

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