This Just Never Gets Old

This Just Never Gets Old

My second oldest daughter—my five-year-old, my kinder-girl—lost her very first tooth at Mass on Gaudete Sunday. (Another cause for joy that day!) I wasn’t there for the event, because I had attended Mass earlier. (We currently “do the split shift,” as my husband calls it, because going to Mass with two-year-old twins is, well, too crazy.) But when she came home and showed me her new smile, she. was. beaming. She told me that it just fell out. And she was so excited to finally be able to use the tooth-fairy pillow that her older sister has been hoarding, after losing a total of eight teeth =)

I don’t think it will ever get old. Seeing your child for the first time with a missing tooth. How it all-of-a-sudden makes her look bigger. Another sign that she is growing up. (Sigh.)
This little girl of mine says the funniest things, too. And her expressions are priceless. Her current favorite Christmas carol is The Little Drummer Boy, particularly the version by Josh Groban, because we have that CD in our van. She could listen to that song all. day. long. When another version of it is on the radio (not a CD) and we happen to hear it, she always asks me with surprise, “Where did you get that?” As if I was the one who programmed the song to come out of our speakers at that very moment. I love those five-year-old questions.
Lord, help me to savor these moments, these stages. One day, they will be only memories. And we’ll be on to something else. Thank you for my sweet kinder-girl, her toothless grin … and all the joy she brings to my life. Amen.
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8 thoughts on “This Just Never Gets Old

  1. She's adorable! Is she singing the song-you know-all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?

    You're so right, soon you'll be on to something else, but every stage has it's precious beautiful and special moments. God bless you for treasuring them!

  2. You are very right. These moments do go by very fast.

    I was so excited to see my daughters tooth get looser and looser to only have her swallow it when she was chowing on a dough-nut.

  3. Ahhhh, you are making me sad to think of the day my current 5 year old loses her first tooth…she's so cute with her babies right now! They DO change so much when they lose those…it's fun to compare school pictures of baby teeth and the next year with big teeth!!

    We do the split shift sometimes, usually after a really bad time with our 3 year old and the 5 year old. They compete for mommy and daddy's lap…and books and…

    We are on a role, it has not been that bad lately….

    email me, I want your address! If you want…for a Christmas card!

    jamiejo99 (at)

  4. Great picture. I have one of my #5 — there is a little tear of joy on her face — "I lost my FIRST tooth!" — what a moment of wonder she was having!

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