Christmas at Plum Creek

Christmas at Plum Creek

Somehow a theme emerged from various Christmas presents received by our family: Christmas at Plum Creek.

It actually started this summer when my preschooler received a bonnet for her birthday from my SIL’s family, after they took a trip to Walnut Grove. Then, my oldest got a bonnet for her birthday in November. This was right around the time we started reading-aloud Little House in the Big Woods.
We put season #1 of the TV series on our Christmas wish list. (And got it.) But this was done without knowing what my MIL had planned for her granddaughters.
She asked a friend of hers to make each girl (6 in all) a Little House on the Prairie dress, apron and bonnet. My teenaged niece received a fancy, velvety bonnet. And then to my MIL’s surprise, her friend made a patchwork bonnet—out of fabric remnants from each of the girls’ dresses/bonnets—for her.

To top it off, my 5-year-old, received another bonnet from Walnut Grove and The Little House Cookbook. You know, for the next time we make stewed jack rabbit. No, really, in all seriousness, it is a really neat book, with some history and stories sprinkled throughout. And we do plan on trying some of the other more-accessible recipes, like desserts, breads and maybe Strawberry Jam =)
(She couldn’t wait to be done posing for her cookbook photo, so she could really ham it up! That’s my girl =)
We have had weeks of Little House play around here. It’s amazing that when they’re in character, they do their chores so much better. Hmmm … The girls even wore their dresses to Mass on the 27th of December, because, well, they just love them so much.

I am grateful that this theme unexpectedly erupted this Christmas. I love that my girls and their cousins find joy and interest in something so wholesome and pure. It teaches them about a time when life was harder, but also simpler. When little things meant so much. When people probably went without but were abundantly more grateful for what they did have. Good fun and good lessons all wrapped up together. What a wonderful Christmas gift!
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10 thoughts on “Christmas at Plum Creek

  1. Oh, those dresses and bonnets are just beautiful!! You probably won't believe this, but I dreamed last night that I tried on a Little House bonnet in a store….dumb dream I know, but here they are!!

    We read On the Banks of Plum Creek this summer for a little girls book club and the woman who hosted made some things from the book, it was really fun!
    (not strewed jack rabbit though:)

    Last winter, we watched Little House every day at like 2pm on Hallmark…We haven't been watching any tv lately, might have to check today since the high will only be 1 degrees!

  2. You've really got to take those girls on a field trip to the Kelley Farm this summer – in costume! You let me know when and we'll go together since we live close to the farm. We plan to start the books this summer – I've been looking forward to it for years!

  3. I am just gushing over those prairie bonnets and dresses, what a great gift. (so much thouht into it).

    I grew up on the little house books and read and reread them.I can't wait to share them with my two little girls when they are older.

  4. We love Little House! We are currently reading On Plum Creek, far more slowly than I would like!! We also have that cookbook! It helped us make butter once a long time ago. I have been wanting to do it again, maybe I am inspired!

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