Until Next Year …

Until Next Year …

… or Until the End of This Year. I wasn’t sure if there was a correct of saying it, since we’re technically already in the new year. But however you look at it, I think you know what I mean. The Christmas season officially ends today, and therefore this is my last Christmas post until … next time.
Subtitle: Capturing Our Christmas ~ 2009
Trimming the tree
(with fun effects from our camera that my husband somehow figured out how to do. He’s so cool!)

Baking cookies
(including gingerbread boys, frosted cut-outs, peppermint meltaways, chocolate truffles and peppermint bark—not all are pictured)

At Christmas Mass ~ on Christmas Eve

Double the cuteness

(Horsing around, literally, with their sister’s new “stick horse.” A wonderful way to spend $6!)

Opening presents

(This girl loves Paris. It’s just so fancy to her! She and her grandma have “matching” Eiffel Tower shirts, so this was such a perfect ornament for her from Gram!)

(My kindergirl insisted on a purple bow for this package for Daddy. I didn’t have Christmas paper to match a purple bow, so the Trio thought it would be fun to wrap it with a Vikings theme. The gift had nothing to do with football. It was white socks, which were very much needed.)
Christmas snow
(that paused just long enough for my mom to fly here on Christmas Eve day from Florida. The snow was heavy the evening of Dec. 23, and we were a bit nervous and prayed a lot for a little lull in the storm, just long enough for her to get here … We woke up the morning of the 24th, and our prayers were answered! There was a lull! She arrived around 2ish. Within minutes of us getting home from the airport, the snow started falling again and didn’t stop until Saturday the 26th!)
Las Posadas
(a Christmas party in our neighborhood with this theme. So much fun! We read this book and then each child—17 in all—carried a figurine from the nativity or a candle. Two kids played the parts of Joseph and Mary. We walked to three different neighbors—who knew we were coming—singing Christmas carols along the way, and asked for a place for Joseph and Mary to stay. No room, they answered. At the fourth house, our neighbor who was hosting warmly welcomed us in. We sang carols and ate a Mexican dinner. Oh, and those neighbors who said “no” joined us, too =)

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  1. Oh, what fun to do a live Las Posadas- a dream of mine, for sure. That sounds heavenly. Did you organize it yourself?

    (pssst… I LOVE the banner on your blog!)

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