Craft Basket Wednesday

Craft Basket Wednesday

My craft basket isn’t too exciting these days. I still have one more dishcloth on some size 6 needles. But my preschooler has been patiently waiting for her scarf, which has been on hold for a couple months, and so I’ve picked that up again. I wasn’t very far along, when she informed me that she wanted a skinnier scarf. How does she know these things? I told her that she might have to wait a little longer, if I started over. But that was OK with her.

I am knitting just a simple stockinette stitch with a little garter stitch border. Nothing fancy, but this variegated yarn adds interest and dimension on it’s own, I think. It’ll go really nicely with her new brown jacket with blueish snowflakes all over it!
Also in my craft basket is a pink scarf that I finished several months ago. I just have to sew in the loose ends, which currently is my least favorite part about knitting, which is probably why it’s still not finished. When my seven-year-old spotted it, though, she was so excited, that I promised to finish is very soon. So, I better stick to my word, and just do it!
(This scarf is similar to the purple one I made here, except I made the stripes in the middle part of the pattern thicker. This pattern came from the class I took at the needle-arts shop by my house. I think it was a good pattern to learn the basics, as well as a variety of stitches and how to change colors.)
This leads me to a little impromptu poll for anyone out there who is a more-advanced knitter than me (this doesn’t take much, since I’m such a newbie =) What should I do next? What would be a good project for me to try? I know the basics, and I am eagerly willing to learn and try something new! I’d love to hear your ideas …
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9 thoughts on “Craft Basket Wednesday

  1. Katie's godmother knit her a doll and some different clothes for it. She says it's super easy, but I can't help you anymore than that. All I know is it's really cute and Katie loves it. I could bring it to show you some night at dance — although I haven't seen you recently. Did you switch classes?

  2. The scarf is lovely, delicious colors! I'm knitting up the waffle-weave washcloths right now 🙂 You could always try a sweater as a next project, or a vest???

  3. Dear sarah,
    Very lovely.
    I am knitting toys for our little ones. I am a very beginner knitter. Autumn hslps me with my mistakes too.
    I am knitting a rabbit in my craft basket if you want to take a llok

  4. Oh that scarf! That is fabulous! Weaving in can be a pain. Usually when I get there though I am so excited to be almost finished that I do it right away, lol. Sewing up seams always gets me… I hate that…

    This reminds me I need to make some dishcloths too. But I better finish some of these other projects haunting me first, lol.

  5. Wow — you go, girl! Looks beautiful! I'm impressed.

    I am almost finished with my quilt, and it's very exciting to see it nearly complete. Can't wait to start another one!

    Okay… there are little white dots falling down the screen like snowflakes or something. How'd you do that? How fun! 🙂

  6. if you double over your yarn for a bit when you start, then you dont have to weave in your ends. you can see it here under double knit-in join. this is showing it as a means to switch colors but i often do this with long tail cast on (just use my working yarn and the tail yarn for a few stitches) then i dont have to weave ends in. you still have to weave ends though at the cast off points.

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