Making Progress

Making Progress

Bags to donate: 10
Bags thrown away: 12+
An overflowing recycling bin: 1
For two weeks in a row, we have refilled our garbage bin by the very next day after the trash has been picked up. The same thing happened last week with our recycling bin. (And our recycling is only picked up biweekly! Ugh!) We need two or three bins during this moving process … or a dumpster—LOL.
It feels good to purge our house, though. To sort through things. To pack up only what we want in our new home. To donate gently-used (and -worn) items to various charities in the area. I often want to do this but usually don’t have time to do a really thorough job. Moving forces me to do it. And that’s a good thing.
The garage is mostly done. That was probably the hardest space to sort and pack. Tools, outdoor toys, other odd-shaped items. My husband said that by the end of his work sessions, the pop in his can was frozen. Cold, huh?
The basement is mostly done, too. Everything from our storeroom has been sorted and packed up. It is completely empty for the first time in five years. But there are (organized) piles all over our basement: to storage, to the rental, to donate. Oh, and I can’t forget the in-process-of-being-packed-but-can-be-added-to pile.
It looks like a mess all over our house, but we really are making progress.
I keep thinking, We’re moving at the end of January. And to me, the end of January seems far away. Then, today, my oldest daughter informed me that we’re moving in 12 days. Twelve days does not seem far away. I think we’ll be OK. I’m not that stressed. But there’s still a lot of work to do before January 30 … Oh boy!
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8 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. i don't get why they "encourage" us to recycle and then only pick it up bi-weekly. they do that here too and it makes me crazy. especially since we have so much recycling. and our can is tiny.

    God bless you during your moving process, sarah. i feel your pain, moving 2x's in 8 months.

    those plastic boxes are a movers best friend…

    i got so tired of cardboard.

  2. After our last move 2 years ago, I really try to keep the clutter and extra things down…try is the key word.

    (we lived in our last home for 5 years and 5 years adds up to a lot to give away and throw away!)

    Such an exciting time for you all, packing, moving, stress, it's all exciting!

    Wish we lived closer, I'd come help watch the kiddos or pack or make supper!

  3. I'm going to pass along the annoying words my other always tells me (with a chuckle from me, of course): this, too, shall pass.

    Annoying, in'it?

    Because it's so true! And, when we are moving (you know we do every few years) I just want to RANT about it already. MUM, please please please don't say those words again. I won't listen, I want to scream a bit! 😉

    So, I'd say, you are well on your way, because this post is upbeat if I ever heard it! 😉 Keep smiling! You have my heartfelt prayers!!

  4. our recycling is bi weekly too and we end up putting a lot of recyclable rubbish in the non recycle bin just because it needs to go.

    Prayers as you approach your moving day. I have been going through all our gear too but I still have a lot more to do. I thought my storage room was pretty good but looking closely now I have a lot more to do in there. It just is better than it was rather than finished.

  5. I am impressed and a bit envious of how great it must feel to declutter….to bless someone else which has long since blessed you.

    That is an accomplishment! Nice job. So neatly done. I've been putting stuff to give away in boxes that now have my garage looking like such a mess….in contrast….

  6. second time (why does blogger like to eat comments?): those plastic bins are VERY impressive. almost enough to make me want to organize something. i said almost.

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