There’s not much to look at—the walls are very white and the floors are very beige. And some of the appliances (and other mechanicals, like certain plumbing apparatuses) are a bit temperamental.
But it’s clean and bright, warm and safe. And for the next six or so months it meets the need of providing shelter for our family. I’ve been trying not to complain, when I run out of space on the pantry shelf or I can’t find a spot to store the vacuum. I am trying to just express gratitude for this gift of a home. No matter how plain it might look, or how tight it might feel, it is a home. One of the most basic needs, yet one I can often take for granted.
So, thank you, Lord, for this gift of this townhouse. Thank you for selling our house. Thank you for selling my mom’s house (just last week!) Thank you for your abundant provisions. You are so good. Help me to share what you have given to me with others, especially my children. Amen.

After another week of unpacking and organizing, there’s only one more box and a few bags of miscellaneous items that I don’t know what to do with.

Yet even with the messes that remain, this townhouse is starting to look and feel better … What has helped me feel and experience more calm and peace are a few corners. These corners of our home have turned out to be very cozy and simply make me smile from time to time throughout the day. Like when I walk past the little library we created in our hallway, with the top shelf being a little prayer table. Or when I actually get to sit down and take a break in my reading corner or my knitting corner. I hope these corners bring a little comfort to my dear little children, too, as they continue to adjust to the move.
My son starts saying, “No, no!” every time we pull into our new driveway. I can’t imagine what he and his twin sister must be thinking. How about, “When are we going to go home?!” One of my older daughters has been acting out a bit, and she finally told me this morning that she doesn’t like it here. I tried to help her by relating to her (I understand, really I do!) and reminding her of the gift of this townhouse and that we’re one step closer to being in the house we’ll share with Grandma. I hope it helped.
The trio is off to a sleepover at my oldest’s godmother’s house. It will be good for them to have 100% fun tonight and tomorrow morning. My DH will be helping some friends paint their house all day tomorrow. I will hopefully get some much-needed laundry done, some cleaning and straightening done, and some knitting done.
On Sunday, we will do something fun with the kids for Valentine’s Day. Not sure what exactly. But I might use some of the ideas in our Little Saints curriculum for all of them to do together. They will be getting this DVD as a little gift.
Oh, and at some point this weekend, I have to think about Lent. It’s sneaking up on me this year. Ahhhh!
So, what are your weekend plans? Valentine’s Day plans? Is there a corner in your home that makes you smile when you pass it by or get a chance to sit and be still in it for a moment during the day?
Whatever you are up to this weekend in your little corner of this great, big world, may the Lord bless you and your family and bring you peace.
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4 thoughts on “Corners

  1. We always talk about how resilient children are, but really, it must be very difficult for them to leave their home!

    I love the idea of a cozy corner to curl up and read!

    God bless you and your family in your new house!

  2. six months will be over before you know it sarah…easy for me to say, but just think of your NEW HOME!!! how excited you must be!!
    hopefully the little ones won't have too much trouble during this time of change.
    looks like you've done a great job creating sweet corners.
    just like a mama bird.
    isn't it funny how we worry so much about the "pretty" things when we move to a new place? but those things are so important when making a house a "home".
    i actually just made myself a new corner in our "sitting room". moving furniture around makes me so happy and i love my new spot. i have been gravitating to it every time i have a chance during the day.
    no big plans this weekend. we have a homeschool valentine party to go to on sunday. it will be at the park so i hope the weather is good.
    are you enjoying the little saints program? i have been using it for max because it doesn't seem babyish at all. i don't do everything, of course, but i like it.
    well, have a wonderful weekend, dear sarah.
    happy knitting!

  3. This was such a wonderful reminder to be happy where we are and thank the Lord for the blessing. We are currently living in an apartment so we can save up to buy a home someday. Sometimes I worry and complain about how we are working so hard and aren't getting any closer – and then I remember how blessed we are to even have a place to live.
    Books look great in almost any corner – and so do prayer tables, and smiling little ones 🙂

  4. I love that One Skein Wonders, it's a good one! Settling in is always quirky, but Praising God with you on ALL the good things 🙂 Happy Knitting,

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