Twin Tornadoes

Twin Tornadoes

That is what I have affectionately (or perhaps unaffectionately =) nicknamed my two-year-old twins. They. are. tornadoes. In every sense of the term.

It is a phase, a stage, I know. But why, oh, why does it have to be now? When we are already in the midst of a complete transition? When life already isn’t normal? When, at times, these walls truly feel like they are closing in on me?
I cannot tell you how many times these little ones have written on the walls of this townhouse. With pencil. With crayon. With marker. I want to throw out all writing and coloring instruments for good. At least until we move into our house, and I can have a VERY HIGH cupboard for art supplies. But I can’t do that. I have three other children who use pencils, pens, markers and crayons for hours everyday. They outnumber these crazy toddlers, but it sure seems like these littler people are taking over this family and this house.
The family room is tidy. Until they take it apart. If it’s not one room, it’s another. Even the bathroom. They push any button they can reach on the computer. They take out all of my baking pans. They pull the bathroom stool up to the pantry to get their own snack, which obviously results in a mess.
(Most of this is my dear boy, because my girl wants to play with the older girls. But when they aren’t around, she happily joins him in these antics.) Such as …
They now get out of their cribs during their supposed nap-time, and destroy their bedroom (i.e., take things apart, pull out baby wipes, unplug the lamp, get into the bins in their closet, throw every stuffed animal out of their cribs … Some of this is dangerous, I know! All I want to do is empty their room completely, but here, we have no extra space. I actually was grateful that they don’t have much themselves, so I could use their closet for additional storage. Ugh!). The other day this scenario was “epic naughtiness,” as my husband would say. Oh how much fun they had while I knitted and prayed my Rosary downstairs via my iPod!
Oh how much they are driving me crazy!
I have raised three other children through toddlerhood and beyond. But this. This. is. different. This is an entirely different parenting realm. One that is leaving me frazzled and frustrated and just plain ol’ tired.
Part of it is because there are two of them. Part of it is because one is a boy. And another part of it is because one is very sassy.
Sometimes all I desire is a break. Just one day—a couple hours!—here and there, of peace and calm.
And I feel so badly for my trio. They need me, too. They need time to do crafts and play games together, but we just can’t when the twins are awake. And it’s not fair to them. My DH and I are doing an OK job, taking the trio out for special time, when one of us can stay home with the twins. But we can only do this on weekends when DH is home.
This, too, shall pass. I know, I know. But when???
The other day I was getting after the twins for what I mentioned above: destroying their room, and the sassy girl twin laughed at me. I really don’t think she gets that you just don’t laugh at your parents. And I just looked at her. I was mad. She was giggling. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. She is my path to sanctification. I need her to get to Heaven. And she needs me. Oh! How I wanted to ring her little neck, but all I could do was kiss her. She (they) were given to me for a great purpose—as were all of my children. And I must endure this very frustrating phase as best I can. Not resenting it. But offering it up. Cleaning up the aftermath. Trying to teach them lessons along the way. Giving as much to my other girls as I possibly can, too. And loving them. Unconditionally. All of them. Even the twins. Even when they are ripping through my house like little tornadoes.
P.S. This has not diminished my more upbeat, happy post of yesterday. The spring-like weather is still very refreshing. Sometimes the joys and struggles can go hand-in-hand.
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7 thoughts on “Twin Tornadoes

  1. Our children are our path to sanctification, indeed. Have you ever looked into getting nets for over their cribs? For some it sounds extreme, but sometimes you just need your babies to stay contained and safe. They're about $60, but worth every penny. We had one for our Number Two child, our resident tornado, because I was at my wit's end. And I was also afraid that he'd get out at night when I was asleep and get into something more dangerous than what he could find in his bedroom. 🙂 Have a blessed, sunny, springlike day!!!

  2. Divide and conquer! Or will that just double the mess?

    Pray, mama, but not for patience for God will send you tests (have you been praying for patience?).

  3. Yeah, I was gonna say, when you pray for patience, God gives you every opportunity to learn it. God love you, girl. Hang in there during this sanctification!!

  4. Time and experience will temper your temper.

    In the meantime I totally understand – #4 is our first to climb out of the crib and sprinkle powder all over her room, etc. It's exasperating. Be sure to take pictures!

  5. ah, sarah, the joys of raising twins! this post made me smile because isn't it funny how all of our children are different and how the more you have the greater your chances that someone is going to turn out naughty! our "baby" is definitely the worst of them all. he shocks me with his behavior sometimes. all the others-for a time-made me feel like such a good-accomplished mama-even making me look good in PUBLIC. but not maximus. he is MY test. parenting him has been interesting and you hit the nail on the head when you said that our children are our path to sanctification.

    tonite that naughty boy of mine walked into the t.v. room and said to his dad. my husband: "so dad, are you going to say the stations with us, or what?"
    and guess where dad was 3 minutes later? upstairs saying stations with us.

    God works in mysterious ways.

    so of course you are going to have your struggles!
    i cannot imagine two toddlers. double the trouble.
    but double the love-li-ness too.
    hug 'em. and kiss 'em lots.
    before you know it this phase will be over and done with and then you will be fighting raging hormones like i am. moody teenagers are WORSE than toddlers because they aren't evey CUTE anymore!

    God bless you mama.
    and, yes, pray for patience.
    the patience of the Blessed Mother.


  6. ((((((big hugs))))))

    I used to do daycare for 4 2-year olds, I kind of understand.

    Just remember that your big kids will be fine, this phase will pass and it will get easier and you'll have that time to do those "big kid" things too. Just not now, when you want to.

    You are in my prayers.

    I'm working my way through your posts from the week…it's Sunday and I can comment and read my blogs!

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