LOST Randomness

LOST Randomness

Beware: Spoilers below =)

I admit I was a little sad, as the series LOST came to a close last night …

But there was so much I liked about the finale … I liked the various reunions, when the characters “remembered” and were reunited, when the parallel universes somehow intertwined. I also liked that Hurley was “the one” in the end.
It’s hard to pick all-around favorites, but I think if I had to, my favorite characters would be Sawyer for his humorous nicknames and Desmond for the whole brotha thing. I liked Jin and Sun’s journey … and I liked Sawyer and Juliette together, too.
But there is probably a lot I am forgetting. It certainly was a unique series to watch. Perhaps nothing will ever be like it.
And maybe in five or 10 years I will rewatch LOST again. Just for fun.
Overall I was very pleased with how it ended last night. Yes, there are some questions still unanswered. But maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. And I’m OK with that. It works for a series called LOST, I think.
How about you? Any favorite characters or story lines? What did you think about the finale?
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6 thoughts on “LOST Randomness

  1. I wrote something today too!

    I loved Sawyer and Juliette together and with each reunion was crying through the whole show!!! I was also happy they just finally just let Kate love Jack and him her.

    Lots of questions still. I did love the finale though, just not the very end.

    I watched the show before the finale also, loved that, I love seeing the actors as themselves talking about the show.

    When Jack was walking through the tall Bamboo woods, did you see that shoe hanging? What was that about?

  2. My favorite character was Charlie… even though he did the sign of the cross wrong when he died. I still cried.

    I was frustrated with the ending at first but I am getting to feel better about it, lol.

  3. I loved, LOVED Charlie. We have missed him so much! It was so great to see him last night again!

    As far as the finale. I really was content with how they ended it, like you said, it is called LOST after all.

    Like you, I may watch it again in several years. Who knows.

  4. Tears for me too. I still feel sad, talk about emotionally invested!

    Can't ever remember a TV show in my life that has been as good as LOST. Will miss it.

    Sooo many good lines and characters to love…still processing.

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