A Christmas Wish From My Son

A Christmas Wish From My Son

All I want for Christmas …
… is a baby brother.
I’ll keep you posted … Mom and Dad say it is too early to tell.
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16 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish From My Son

  1. Oh my goodness!!

    Okay, so I read the post and was going to comment with something like, "guess we'll see how that goes…you never know…", thinking that your son was just being wishful like kids tend to be. So I came to comment and then noticed your sidebar (it takes me awhile to catch on)!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! So exciting! I think Christmas babies are so special. I've always wanted one 🙂
    Hope your pregnancy goes well!

  2. Congratulations! My Boy is asking for the same thing — a baby brother. (Dr. Mary suggested waiting another year to heal from the trauma of The Baby — a year goes fast, though, right?)

  3. Congratulations!!! How wonderfully exciting. I'll be covering you and baby in prayer- especially as you have (another) move happening here before too long.

    Blessings and hugs, Sarah!

  4. YIPPEE…this is the best news I got all day!

    Hope you are feeling alright. Keep us posted!

    crossing my fingers for a little bro!

  5. Sarah, how exciting!!! So happy for all of you. I will check back often to see how it's going. You will be in our prayers. My sister was born 12/23…our little Christmas present/baby sister. That was sweet!

  6. aw, sarah. i haven't been here since monday so i didn't know!
    belated CONGRATS to you and your family!
    i am crossing my finger for first of all a HEALTHY baby! but also another boy too. you need a bit more testosterone in that house!
    or maybe another set of twins?
    xo. to you and have a lover-ly weekend!

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