Treasure Trove …

Treasure Trove …

… of maternity clothes. At a maternity consignment shop.

Ever heard of one? A maternity consignment shop, that is? I hadn’t, but when I stumbled upon one last week, I was so excited. I thought, “What a brilliant idea! And quite possibly my life saver.”
You see, before we moved, I got rid of a lot of my maternity clothes. Some were going on eight years old and were starting to look a little outdated. They had been worn by me for multiple pregnancies, as well as by friends and sisters-in-law for multiple pregnancies. They were starting to see their day.
And admittedly, I wasn’t expecting to become pregnant anytime soon, so in my mind, those clothes would be at least 10+ years old by the time I’d wear them again, if I’d ever wear them again (a big if).
The clothes I did keep are in storage. I cannot get to them without making my husband spend a half-day searching for that one, lone bin. I warned him that I’d have to go shopping, but not having to search was worth it to him.
With this being my fifth pregnancy and sixth child, there was no way I’d wait to start showing until my second trimester. Ha! That’s just not realistic. So, I tried Target, Kohl’s and Maternity Motherhood. I had forgotten something: maternity clothes are expensive. And I had none. I thought I’d just have to surrender to having to spend a lot to get through these summer months.
And then I found Bellies to Babies, a cute, little maternity consignment store. All shirts are $6, all pants are $9, and all dresses are $12. Everything has to be three years old or younger, and in quality condition (i.e., no stains, no odors).
Upon entering the shop last week, I was handed a cup of sparkling water and one saleswoman was constantly taking my items and putting them into a dressing room for me. At my visit, I found a T-shirt, pair of capris and a cute jean dress. And I spent less than $30. (And $30 at one of those other stores would have bought me one item, and that’s it.)
Their return policy is even reasonable, which is the opposite of another certain maternity clothing store (that shall remain nameless).
The one and only draw back was that the summer clothing was very picked over. Which is understandable. It’s almost summer. And it’s been warm here. But they had tons of things for when we enter the fall and winter months; I just have to remember to return there before it’s all gone. Or maybe by then, I’ll have found my lone bin.
I realize this little review will only be beneficial for Minnesota readers, but it may be worth a little google search in your corner of the world to see if you have your very own maternity consignment shop.
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7 thoughts on “Treasure Trove …

  1. Good find! I found some great reasonable stuff at Gap Maternity last pregnancy — I know, I know, it's Gap, but it was clothes I actually felt good in (which is saying a lot) and they were well made and, like I said, I got them on sale.

    By the way, I'm afraid something similar will happen to me if I put too much in storage — maybe not maternity clothes (but maybe, too!), but I'm sure they'll be something I just have to have in one of those bins or boxes that I didn't think I'd need!

  2. Michelle, You are right. You can find things on sale. I had a pair of maternity cords from Gap that I loved, but the last gal I loaned them to ripped the heal =( And I usually have to get my jeans at Gap, because I have to order tall. I was going to mention that I found some great clearance items at Old Navy this weekend, but I thought it'd take away from my consignment shop review. All of the items I bought at the consignment shop were brands, too. It can be such a hard 9 months, you should feel good. But trying to do that for cheap can be tricky 😉

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  4. Great find Sarah! Perfect for a mommy-to-be. I will have to file it away for (hopefully) future reference for myself.

  5. I love consigment stores! You can find some really good stuff there. And I do love how small, local & personal they are. The one I used to go to had a kids play area, so I could actually shop in peace.

  6. Awesome! LOVE it! And by the way, congratulations! I had not been here in the last two weeks, I guess, and I missed the news! So,so very happy for you!!!

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