Almost Done

Almost Done

The builders will finish framing our house tomorrow, so that it is ready to be roofed on Monday. Next week also will begin a lot of other projects, such as electric and plumbing. Yes, things continue to move along nicely, with a projected move-in date of mid-September.

adding the second story. my husband is standing in our front doorway.

from the back/side. the flat slab to the left is our future garage, above which will be the master bedroom and bathroom.

a bedroom on the second floor.

second-floor hallway. that open doorway will lead to the master bedroom, which hadn’t been started at the point this photo was taken.

let me just say that I will not be climbing those steps to the second floor again, until they are more complete (i.e., i can’t see through them to the basement!) and there is a railing for me to hold onto. i am not one for heights!

our house from a hill that is around the corner.

starting the roof frames and the garage (right).

garage and the start of the master bedroom/bathroom.
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3 thoughts on “Almost Done

  1. Sarah! I am so happy for you and excited about all the wonderful blessings you guys will have this year! The home looks amazing and the neighborhood also looks really "kids on bikes" friendly!
    I'm still so excited about your new baby too! I pray we are blessed in these ways this year!

  2. That is so exciting! Thanks for the updates.:) I look forward to coming here to hear/see all about the progress. Hope you are feeling well these days. I'll put your fam. on our prayer board for the baby and the house.:) Blessings to you!

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