The wind has been howling (literally) for over a day now. I woke up to it again this morning. I’ve never heard or felt wind like this. Even in the house, windows are rattling a bit because of this incredible wind. It’s really quite amazing and will be most memorable. We may even get a bit of snow. I guess we are finally getting our cold fall. We really have been spoiled this month by such mild weather.

Why am I making note of this today and not yesterday?
Well, today is also my ninth anniversary. Perhaps this windy weather will help me remember the specifics of our ninth anniversary years and years from now.
I don’t really have a big tribute planned out to post. (Or even a picture.) But I wanted to acknowledge this special day. It really is significant. These anniversaries. And birthdays. And other milestones.
They define where we are and where we’ve been. And also where we are going: What will life be like nine years from now, I wonder. Very different, I am sure, with a bunch of teenagers in the house.
These past nine years have brought me and my husband so many blessings. Six of which have been in the form of children. And we’ve been blessed in so many other ways, too. Even the ways in which we have been stretched have been blessings in disguise.
So, today I am simply grateful to God for the gift of my husband and our life together. The Lord gave us to one another. And He has guided us every step of the way. He picked the best husband for me. And all I can say (again) is that, today, I am truly grateful.
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8 thoughts on “Today

  1. Happy Anniversary and many wishes for many more happy years ahead!! May you and hubby be especially blessed with abundant blessings to come.

    We celebrated our 9th in Sept. also. Good year, 2001 was 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! Maybe the winds were a sign to remember that the Holy Spirit has blessed your marriage nine years ago and He continues to bless it today!

  3. ack!
    blogger just ate my sweet comment…so as i was saying…happy belated anniversary wishes, sarah! the Good Lord sure knew what He was doing when He brought the two of you together! just look at all of those beautiful faces that you have to show for your love! but then again He always knows best, right?

    love your fall knitting bag. i am trying to finish up a scarf i started ages ago for my mom, but can't seem to get the last stitches right…arrgghhh…i am ready to tear the whole thing apart!

    i have a thing for tote bags too. they are getting cuter and cuter. everywhere! i just got the neatest one from trader joe's the other day. their stuff is so addicting! i love all of the vintage-y labels!

    well, i've got to go. it is WAY past my bedtime. and i've been staying up too late this whole week. it is going to catch up to me soon though. i just know it!

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