Tea and Cake

Tea and Cake

Her heart is full. Ready to serve.
She’s almost always willing to do what needs to be done.
She enjoys helping with recipes. And she often volunteers to clear the table or sweep the floor.
Her kindness overflows. She teaches me a lot. Everyday.
This was one of her Christmas gifts. A lovely little book she could use to continue learning about service, as well as hospitality and some homemaking skills. She is drawn to the domestic arts anyway, so why not continue to encourage her in something she loves.
She wanted to jump in right away. So, we read through the introduction and a few key pages. And then she decided to host a Christmas-themed tea part for her family.
She made invitations and passed them out to everyone.

We followed the winter menu, and she helped make everything. (She even let her younger twin brother and sister assist on a couple recipes. But not all of them. This was her tea party, after all!)

She set the table. She loves setting the table, and does so with extra love. This time, with a candy cane by each place setting. So sweet! We used our Christmas dishes, too. How festive!

She was a most gracious host. In her quiet way, I could tell she was just beaming inside while her family members ate and enjoyed the foods she made by hand and with love.
And of course she can’t wait to plan our next tea. And everyday for about two weeks she’s been asking about organizing her bedroom. (This book is good! =)
Thanks to Alice for writing it. It’s just lovely!
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11 thoughts on “Tea and Cake

  1. I want that book so badly. I didn't think of getting it for Meg for Christmas. But wait—-she has a birthday in 11 days!

  2. This has been one of Violet's favorite books for several years now, she still makes many of the recipes and plans teas for us as well from it! It's a gem and so is your little girl, what a joy!

  3. Oh how Sweet!!! A girl after my own heart. She is such a delight! It is so hard to believe she was just a baby when we first met! What a beautiful lady she has become.

    We miss you all. Hopefully someday soon we will be back to meet that beautiful boy!


  4. Aw!! So cute! I've been wanting that book…but I can't justify me buying it because I don't have any girls, but I really just want it for me. =) Isn't that silly? Haha.

    My boys DO love a good tea party…manly tea party. =)

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