Yarn Along :: Cables

Yarn Along :: Cables

Two weeks ago, I was stumped by the directions of the Milo vest I am knitting for my 3yo daughter. Thanks to all those who offered help! I really appreciated it! I figured it out, and now I am onto the cable part of the pattern.
One thing that I really like about this pattern is the variety of cable options. Five, I think! I chose the xoxoxo cable, since it seemed like the most girly and the one that went best with the pinkish-purple yarn I am using, which is Cleckheaton Country Paintbox in colorway 30.
As for books, I just finished the second novel, Beyond Tuesday Morning, in Karen Kingsbury’s September 11 series. I really enjoyed the storyline. The characters are very likable. Kind of like you wouldn’t mind being friends with them IRL. Faith is woven throughout. It’s romance. It deals with human sorrow, pain, joy and hope. All in the context of Christian faith. No scandalous surprises. Just a good story.
Now, I am reading the third novel, Every Now and Then.
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12 thoughts on “Yarn Along :: Cables

  1. Your Milo is coming along nicely. Love the XOXOX cable pattern.

    The books sound interesting, I will have to add them to my ever growing reading list.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. It looks so good!! I chose the "horseshoe" cable for mine and I really like how it looks in the Dream in Color. I LOVE your yarn, it's so rich and soft looking 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, your children are adorable!

    I have seen the Milo vest around and have always thought about making it. I think it will add IT to my cue. Thanks!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so new to knitting I have no idea what milo is! Regardless, it looks great! I'll get there slowly but surely!

  5. Hey Sarah, how are you doing? I've been a bit behind in my blog reading, baby and all. =) I love the yarn you chose for the milo, it's so pretty. I bought the pattern the other day, but decided to make baby Jacob a sweater instead of a vest for now. I love Karen Kingsbury and have read one series of hers…if my library was better I'd hurry up and read all her others! I love quick, fast, reads, and it's nice they're Christian, because they get me thinking about God more.

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