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… 52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations, the extraordinary and mundane—whatever is unique to the week.
A much calmer week than last.
Although I did call the pediatrician twice and visit once, because my baby appeared to be having symptoms that looked like he was getting sick again. Can you tell I am just slightly sensitive to every cough and sniffle?! Thankfully, I have a very understanding pediatrician! It was perhaps another cold, but whatever it was, it cleared up in two days. It was a good reminder that he is simply still recovering, and it is going to take a long while for him to be 100% healthy again.
So, we continue to keep him at home. And encourage our children to wash their hands often. Thanks to Barbara, we will not run short of fun soap to make that happen. What a surprise it was to receive such a sweet gift!

I took the three older girls to Knitting Club at their school. How fun is that?! To have a knitting club for girls!! It was just four moms with their daughters and one teacher. My oldest had never knitted before, and she started a doll hat on a loom. My 6yo daughter, who learned to knit last summer, brought the scarf she is making for her favorite stuffed lion. But she was more interested in the snack ~ LOL!!
The next day, we spent a bit of time snuggled on the sofa working on our projects. I am almost done with my Milo vest! As in I only have about two more rows to knit before I cast off. Yippee!!
I returned to Weight Watchers this week. I am ready to lose the baby weight (and the several pounds left over from the twins ~ ahem!) I’ve done it before; I can do it again! The program has changed a bit, and I am really liking it. Plus, the leader at my meetings is just awesome. She is so motivating and fun! I really appreciate her positivity.
More winter decor. I found these garlands on clearance at Target right after Christmas. I love the colors of the snowflakes. They brighten up my kitchen, and ultimately my day.

We got this fancy coffee maker as a house-warming gift! It is so much fun =) It had its debut last evening by making everyone a cup of delicious hot chocolate. (And at only 2 points per cup, even I can indulge and not feel guilty. Yea!)

My DH was in the mood for Pop Tarts. So, he brought some home to go with the cocoa. Trust me, these are not in our pantry on a regular basis ~ LOL!
Here’s to an at-home weekend! No real plans. Those are the weekends I like best.
Until next time …
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7 thoughts on “5/52

  1. What a great gift idea!

    When we brought our preemies home, we had a sign on the door reminding people to please wash their hands when they come into the house. We would wash our hands coming home from work, the grocery store, friends' houses, etc. We just washed all. the. time.

    Luckily, RSV season ends in April! Hooray!

    Have you asked your pediatrician about immunity? I was under the impression that RSV could only be caught once? So, maybe you're in the clear?

  2. I think everyone would agree that it would be just fine even if poptarts were a regular staple in your cupboards. 😉 Loved seeing you here . . . blessings for a beautiful weekend!

  3. Sarah, I think you're probably right. Growing up, we never had them … So, I guess I pass that down to my children … Plus, when feeding my crew, one box doesn't go far. So, occasionally they're a fun treat. But definitely NEVER for breakfast. That's where I draw the line!

  4. Glad baby is doing better. We also have some unusual/unhealthy (for us) foods lurking around the house (Ramen noodles for days when we just don't know what to pack for lunch). And as you saw in my moment today, my husband and I have a snack drawer in our room (Triscuits, cheeze whiz, and Cheetos) that started when I was pregnant two years ago.

    Knitting club–what a fun idea!

  5. Ohmygosh…I'm so WITH you w/ the baby weight!! I am in a wedding in May so I really have to lose it! Usually I just wait and see how much breastfeeding helps me lose, but I'm much bigger now and can't even fit my regular clothes yet! Haha…sigh.
    That hand foam? Bought it once, and my son loved it! I stopped buying it because he would use too much of it. I think my 2 year old would have a ball with it now. He's obsessed with cleaning (aka: playing with water).


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