Little Flowers :: Obedience

Little Flowers :: Obedience

Catching up on some Little Flowers Girls’ Club posts, here is a recap of our meeting on the virtue of obedience.

{For this First Wreath, our group is meeting twice per month, because we didn’t start until January, and we want to finish by summer. Plus, we want to start Wreath II in September, and just have a normal “school-year” schedule. Since we meet so often, I can’t keep up with posting about our meetings, even though they are so wonderful for the girls—and moms alike!}
This particular virtue is one that the girls were really able to comprehend, because as children, it is one that they learn—and work on—very early on in life.

St. Joan of Arc was the saint we learned about. And the carnation was our flower, because it is a hearty flower. It is strong. And we must be strong in our obedience to God and to His commandments. It also diffuses a sweet fragrance. And the girls were told that when we are obedient, we also diffuse a sweetness wherever we go.
One of the badge activities for the virtue of obedience is to bring a bouquet of Carnations to Our Lady and ask her to help us grow in this virtue. Since the day after our meeting was a Sunday, we met as a group after Mass and did this activity as a group. It was quite a sweet sight, all of these little girls asking for Mary’s intercession!
Our Lady, Queen of Virtue, and St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!
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4 thoughts on “Little Flowers :: Obedience

  1. I like this. . . a lot. Is there a set model for this club? How did it get started? What age are your girls? I want a club like this for my daughter. Could you send me some infomation?


    (Sorry, I don't mean to be all forward – I stumbled upon your blog from a friend's blog – or a maybe a friend of a friend 🙂

  2. Dear Mary Elizabeth,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Little Flowers Girls' Club is a wonderful club for girls. Yes, there is a set model, with books and materials and badges for the girls to earn. This is only our first year doing this, and I think it is a 4-year program.

    You can find a lot of information (materials, etc.) for the club at this Web site:

    You can look at our past meetings here:

    Also, I have gotten a lot of ideas from the blog, Shower of Roses. She has done some wonderful activities for her group, and has shared a lot on her blog. Her address is

    Although I'm new to doing it, we have loved every moment. Even the moms have found it to be such a lovely experience to share with our daughters. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be happy to help.

    (I'll e-mail you this info., too.)

    God bless you!

  3. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I was trying to find a connection between obedience and the carnation, and I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks so much! (The leader's guide is somewhat vague on the connection.) I know I will be frequenting your site in the future!

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