26/52 :: Half-way Through the Year

26/52 :: Half-way Through the Year

Joining Barbara in …
… 52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations, the extraordinary and mundane—whatever is unique to the week.

Baby’s first time in the swing!

Summer tie-dye project. Sacred Heart of Jesus T-shirts.
(Um. Nice messy counter in the background. Obviously this is an in-the-moment photo!)

We will embellish them to make them Sacred Hearts today! There are a lot of these posts floating around, which was our inspiration. Instructions here.

Guess what arrived yesterday!

Our first big shipment of homeschool materials! The children were so excited. They immediately started looking through their books. With their enthusiasm, we could start next week. But I’m not ready =)
One question I have for all of you homeschooling pros, how do you organize all of your children’s books, the ones they use everyday? Do they each have a separate bin or shelf? I think we will have a small homeschool space, even though I can see us ending up in the kitchen, or the children spreading out to do their work. But before I buy anything (bookshelves, plastic containers, etc.), I’d be interested in knowing how you store your student’s everyday materials. Thanks!
And have a wonderful, patriotic weekend! God bless you!
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10 thoughts on “26/52 :: Half-way Through the Year

  1. We have both books that they use every day and books that are used weekly. We also have books that are used as a group (like we all read from the same history book)and books that are used separately.

    I have our books on a shelf. I put their workbooks in a single basket because we don't use that many of them. One solution to keeping them separate is to use one of those desktop stacking baskets (In and Out boxes–you know). They won't take up so much space that way.

    Some moms stagger the subjects their kids are working on so that some kids are working independently while others are working on subjects that need more assistance. If you decide to take an approach that has everyone working on the same subject at the same time, the stacking baskets could be separated by subject instead.

    You likely don't need any special furniture for the schooling if you have an existing shelf or cupboard that could make room for something like this. Also, be sure to have a pencil box that has pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers and such nearby. Nothing cheeses me off more than having to hunt down tape or a pencil sharpener!

  2. We school in the kitchen and have one small bookcase to store books. Of course this year I had just two students. I use magazine racks/holders to keep workbooks upright and segregated by similar subjects — like language arts all together, but I keep each student separate. I have a friend who had four students at once and kept each child's books in a large plastic bin, which is great if you have space.

  3. What would be our dining room holds the bookshelves, where each child has a shelf for books and supplies. They go to the kitchen table or den to work (or outside, their bed, wherever). I also have my teacher's desk in the bookshelf room with the teacher manuals and other supplies. This is where the kids have one-on-one with me on the opposite side of my desk.

  4. We have a seperate school room in the basement, so most everything is stored there. In the winter months though sometimes we get lazy and do it upstairs in the dining room. Then all of the books are stored in a bin that can sit in the corner.
    Otherwise, in the school room we bought a 4 shelf bookshelf and each kids had their own shelf. All small books (readers/ Fr. Lovasik's, etc) go in a small basket on the shelf. Any thin workbooks were stored in plastic magazine files on the shelf which really helped to keep them upright and not sliding all over the shelf.
    I'm always looking for easier ways to organize the school stuff, so I have my eyes open all the time finding odds and ends to keep it all together.

    Good luck!

  5. I'm still without a computer and will be til Tuesday….but I'm on my hubby's laptop, which I find hard to type on….but had to comment….

    Your tees turned out great!!! We did them last year but will have to do them again next year!!

    That baby is soooo sweet!!!!

    We have an old dresser, with 6 drawers and each child has a drawer, baby stuff in bottom ones, they put their books in there like a locker.

    It works great and I just painted it white to match everything else in the school room, we put a book shelf on top, for those books that they will use every year, like Rare Catholic Stories, etc….the ones you don't want the littles to grab and wreck!!

    It's exciting to get your package of books, isn't it?

  6. Sarah,
    I really enjoy reading your blog! I just never comment 🙁 I was going to make those Sacred Heart t-shirts too! But I ended up making pillowcases with that transfer paper you use with your printer and surprising my kids instead. Is it hard to start a blog? I'm rolling the idea around in my head these days. God bless you! (Welcome to the homeschooling world, you will love it, and you will do great–it's a privilege to be able to do it!)
    Love and God bless you,

  7. Jacob has recently discovered the swing too! He just loves it! We keep most of our books upstairs on a big shelf. The picture books and chidlren's books are in the playroom on a shelf. I have a magazine rack thing I use to place the library books. Have you read "A Little Way of Homeschooling"? I highly recommend it, if you haven't. It's a quick read.

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