Yarn Along :: Lenten Prayer Shawl

Yarn Along :: Lenten Prayer Shawl

One of my desires for this Lent is to knit a prayer shawl to give away to my parish’s prayer shawl ministry, which gives the shawls to those who are sick in our community. I have made one other prayer shawl, and it was a yearlong labor of love. But when I finally was able to give it away, it brought great joy to my heart.

In the beginning of the new year, I read an inspiring article on CatholicMom.com about one woman’s new year’s resolution to knit or crochet children’s sweaters for charity. It got me thinking about that prayer shawl, and I was inspired to knit another one as part of my almsgiving for Lent.

Well, we are about two weeks into Lent, and I haven’t started my prayer shawl! However, I am about to! For my birthday, which was the first Sunday of Lent, I received a generous gift from my husband and children: a prayer shawl pattern and the yarn with which to knit it! In addition to fresh flowers for the kitchen table and an ice cream cake, that was the only gift on my wish list. I expected to receive a gift card to pick everything out myself, but if was even more special that they took the time to pick everything out for me. (And they did a good job!)

So, the prayer shawl that I will be knitting this Lent is officially called 40 Cross Prayer Shawl. I am knitting it with Berroco Vintage Chunky in “Tide Pool” (FIVE skeins)!

The book I currently am reading is The Fisherman’s Wife by Sr. Kathleen Glavich. I am reading it to review on CatholicMom.com, and it is turning out to be a wonderful book during this holy season of Lent. To think about all that Peter’s wife had to sacrifice when Jesus asked Peter to follow Him! And to hear the familiar Bible stories told through the voice of a woman, who witnessed them or who at least was told them by her husband, it is very good food-for-thought! I can’t wait to review it soon!

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8 thoughts on “Yarn Along :: Lenten Prayer Shawl

  1. Oh! that book sounds good! I am looking forward to your review.

    What a wonderful gift! And the color is lovely! Enjoy working on the shawl!

  2. Sarah, I'm so glad to have discovered your blog through Yarn Along. A prayer shawl is on my crafting to do list. The color you chose for yours is such a gorgeous blue. Thank you for the book recommendation.


  3. Hi Reinventing Mother! Thanks for stopping by. In Scripture, it does mention Peter's mother in law. She is healed by Jesus (Matt 8:14-15 and Luke 4:38-39). So, we know Peter was married at some point. I have read that by the time Jesus healed his MIL, perhaps Peter's wife had already died. But we don't know for sure. In this novel, she is very much alive. The author points to writings from Clement of Alexandria for the time of her death, but this is a bit beyond my research ability! So far, nothing has been inconsistent with Sacred Scripture, so I am enjoying this book as a piece of historical fiction. It has allowed me to appreciate the faith and courage of the early Christians. I did notice this book is available on Amazon, too, but I linked to the author's Web site.

  4. Hi Amy and Gina, thank you for the compliments on my yarn color! It is a little darker in the photo than it is in real life. Perhaps next time I photograph it, the lighting in my home will be better (it has been so overcast here lately).

  5. Thank you so much for the info! I'm really going to have to research this. Our bible study group has been in Matthew all this year, but somehow either I or all of us missed this!

  6. Barbara, Ha!! I thought I had about 10 inches left, and then after knitting a bunch on it, I remeasured it, and I now have 14 inches! What? Was my math that off?? I am plugging away, though, bringing it with me to knit, while I wait for my kids to get out of school or for appointments. I am getting impatient with myself, though 🙂 I am such a SLOW knitter!

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