Florida Flowers on Friday

Florida Flowers on Friday

While I was in Florida for my step-dad’s funeral, I took a bunch of photos of various flowers and trees so that my older girls could get a visual in their heads of what it looks like at Gram’s. (We haven’t been there in four years; it was usually easier for them to visit us.)
I am enjoying these photos just as much as they are, as spring is still a long way out for us here in the Upper Midwest. (It is 5 degrees out right now, with a high of 36 today!) These photos give me hope for warmer days, green grass, sprouts of new life, the Easter Resurrection … May they give you a sense of hope, beauty and joy today, too.

Yellow Hibiscus

Pretty purple and pink flowers (official names unknown to me =)

So many different kinds of palm trees!

I’m not sure if this is the official name, but everyone calls this a Bottle Brush Tree, because of the way the flowers are shaped. We had one of these in my yard growing up … Yes, I spent most of my growing-up years in Florida! Bet some of you didn’t know that 😉

I like the bright pink leaves of this plant. (Can you tell I have daughters, with all of the pink and purple I snapped?) The body of water behind the plant is a canal. There is a whole canal system in Florida.

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3 thoughts on “Florida Flowers on Friday

  1. (I haven’t been here in awhile with my blog break!)
    Lovely photos Sarah! It IS nice to see flowers for me right now, too! We see a HINT of green coming throught he dead grass around here. WOOT WOOT!
    LOVE those trees and plants though!
    Wish your trip out there was under better circumstances. I bet your girls really missed you, and also appreciated the photos you too.

  2. how very tropically beautiful and colorful. even though your reason for being there was a sad one, God is so good in that He gave you all of these pretty things to look at. i always think about that-how when one thing makes you sad-there are so many blessings and good things too! if only we have the grace to see them.
    have a blessed week!

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