One of the Gang

One of the Gang

She is only 18 months old, but in her young mind, she is one of them. And she’s not shy about letting us know either.

After returning home from a beauty-shop birthday party, I wanted to snap a photo of the girls’ lovely pink hair and painted faces before we had to scrub down.

“Girls,” I called. “Line up so that I can take a picture of how beautiful you look.”
They were a bit disappointed that they couldn’t keep the paint on any longer, but at least they’d have a remembrance of the “best” birthday party they’ve ever been to =)
As they were lining up, one more non-painted girl toddled up to join them with the biggest grin on her face. How could I refuse her proud smile?
Yes, Sweetie, you are one of the gang, too.

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3 thoughts on “One of the Gang

  1. Oh, how cute, what a fun party!! Although, I've never been to the beauty shop and had my face painted quite like that….:)

    Pretty soon, your sweet little one will be saying "I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl!" They grow up so fast!

    I was at a wake last night and in front of me was a woman with twin girls (age 5) and a 3 year old girl, all dressed the same and they all had blonde short hair, cut like your girls and it just reminded me so much of your family. (they were beautiful) (even though I know your twins are the littles and boy/girl)

  2. Sweet pic. Love anything girly. That does look like a fun party! I would love to learn how to face paint.

    Sweet little thing.

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