Family Fun

Family Fun

We didn’t go anywhere for vacation this summer. We had two *stay-cations* instead. My husband took some days off to create two extra-long weekends. Then, we simply did fun things (amusement parks, zoos, bike rides, swimming pools, ice cream outings, etc.) around here, kind of like you would if you were somewhere else.

Here are some photos of our adventures at an amusement park. Even the twins went on a couple of rides! The best part was that we had free ride passes, which made the outing even better, according to this mom =)

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8 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. This was our summer to stay closer to home, too. There's so much to do; I don't mind a bit. It was nice NOT to have to pack for 1-2 weeks at a time! Next summer, we'll have a trip, if all goes as planned – it's a conference that is held every two years.

    Looks like you found plenty of fun, as well.

  2. Little ones do not really care anyways…but they had a blast. That amusement park is so nice since they changed the theme. I like all the bright colors. VERY cute kiddos!

  3. Summer time is for fun things and spreading them out like that is fun!!

    We did the "stacations" too, I like that name!!

  4. I think we will be staying close to home this summer here too. We don't usually go away on big holidays but we do usually go home for Christmas. This year I just want to stay put.

    Looks like you had fun at the amusement park.

  5. Sometimes "stay-cations" are the best. We did a mini vacation, but honestly the best summer days we had were some local happenings.

    Your children have beautiful eyes … just had to add that!

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