Celebrating 34

Celebrating 34

Yesterday, on the way to school, my preschooler asked me, “Who is coming to your birthday?” I named her and her sisters and brother and, of course, her dad. And then she asked me, “But what about the guests?” I went on to tell her that the most important people in my life are all of you, and you are the guests with whom I want to celebrate my birthday …
I’ve always loved my birthday. Sometimes I’m a little embarrassed about how much I love my birthday. I still get that giddy feeling inside when the day is approaching. But I don’t need a party with lots of guests, or even gifts, to celebrate. Usually it’s a pretty normal day with meals to prepare, laundry to do, kids to pick up from school. But I do appreciate having those whom I love around me, even if it’s just for our normal family mealtime. Maybe I’ll receive a call or card, which is always delightful. This year, I will indulge in some Mocha Brownies, which my DH and kids made last night. (I have been waiting to try these since early January, when I got this cookbook.)

Something is different about the day, and I like that.
I also like how much my children are learning to be excited for birthdays other than their own. They were so excited to come home from shopping with their dad for my gift. Even though they haven’t come out and told me what I’m getting, they’ve given me some pretty good clues. They think they’re being so secretive, and that is awfully cute. I appreciate how much they like being part of the planning and preparing. I think it’s a lesson in generosity and simple joy for others.

Today, I don’t know what my birthday will hold. But one thing I do know is I will spend some time with the Lord, thanking Him for creating me. Thanking Him for my parents, for my husband and children. Thanking Him for all the people, events, sorrows and joys of the past 34 years. It obviously hasn’t been all sweet and rosy, but much of it has been good. And it has indeed been blessed. So. very. blessed. And because of all of that, because of His abundant love for me and His gift of life to me, I will celebrate my birthday! For isn’t that reason enough for celebrating?
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8 thoughts on “Celebrating 34

  1. happy birthday to you, dear sarah!
    and i was going to say the same as suzie, your children sure do resemble you as a little one.
    i can tell we are the same age as i had that same short haircut. a "trixie belden cut".
    have a beautiful day and may God grant you many. many. more to enjoy with all of the wonderful blessings HE has given to you!


    ps. those mocha brownies sound SO YUMMY!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (And I love my own birthday an awful lot, too!)

    I wish I could come celebrate with your beautiful family!

  3. Happy Birthday! I'd like to send you some yarn. Please email me your address and I'll get it out to you quickly. Actually, you can send me a message on Ravelry with your address if you want! I'm happy to grow your stash.

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