Mama’s Day Off

Mama’s Day Off

Yesterday morning, my mom packed up all of the kids, and they headed over to Wisconsin to spend the day with my mom’s sister and her five-year-old granddaughter. Yes, the entire day away. All of them.

They had plans to go to a park, have a picnic, watch a movie, make graham-cracker sandwiches with frosting and enjoy plenty of play time.

And do you know what that meant for me?
A day off! A real day off!
I promised myself that I wouldn’t clean or tackle an organizing project. I could have gotten a lot done yesterday.
But no. If they were playing all day with no chores and no naps. Then, I was going to play all day, too. That’s what a day off is for, isn’t it?
As they pulled out of the driveway, waving and blowing kisses, I slowly walked back into the silent house. It was weird, at first. I grabbed some books, my journal and a prayer book, and I left the house, too.
I knew I needed some prayer time, and I was afraid that if I stayed at home, I’d be too distracted. So, I drove to our town’s Catholic parish and found its tiny little chapel that housed the Tabernacle. Even though I don’t know why the Tabernacle isn’t in the main church, this was such a quaint little chapel with kneelers surrounding the Tabernacle. And I was the only one there. Just me and Jesus for 50 minutes. It was bliss. And also convicting. And well, just what I needed.
Afterward, I headed over to Panera for lunch. I ate on the patio, and finished my chapter in Grace and Gifted and read a little further in Simplicity Parenting. I’d say I was there for an hour or so. A nice leisurely, quiet lunch. Ahhhh!
Then, I found a nail salon and treated myself to a French pedicure. I usually get a pedicure once a year (if that). Usually it’s tied into Mother’s Day. But yesterday was the perfect day to relax in one of those massage chairs and be pampered.
After that, I went on one errand. To the local scrapbook store. I am working on a summer incentive project for my trio, and I needed a few sheets of cardstock and some stickers to finish it up. (More on that later.) I chose not to go on any more errands, because I didn’t want to do anything that could possibly stress me out. And sometimes shopping stresses me out ~ LOL!
I returned home to a quiet house, and worked on my Twirly Skirt for the remainder of the afternoon. I am knitting the last color on the front side. Then, I will repeat the entire thing for the back. And I watched Leap Year. A cute movie.

My husband arrived home from work, and we went out to dinner together. And talked. It was a wonderful way to end my mama’s day off!
Thank you, Mom, for giving me such a wonderful gift. And for treating the kids to a day full of fun. We love you!

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4 thoughts on “Mama’s Day Off

  1. Your day sounds wonderful!! Not even sure what I'd do….but I really don't need to think of it, it will never happen!!

    I loved that movie too….forgot, I need to post that one!

  2. oh i am so envying your day.
    i think i need a whole week like that!
    so glad you got a break. you surely deserve it! i've been wanting to see that movie too, it is on my summer "to watch" list.
    hope all is well with you, dear, sarah. take care of you and your newest little treasure.

  3. Oh I am so envious of your day. It sounds so lovely! I am hoping to get a pedicure at the end of August before the baby is born. Sigh, I can't wait!

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