20 1/2 Weeks …

20 1/2 Weeks …

A few, kind folks recently have asked how the baby is, how I’m feeling and all that. So, being that I’m at the half-way mark of this pregnancy, I thought a quick update would be nice …

I will tell you that I have never been one to take a lot of “belly shots” during pregnancy. Look through my children’s baby books, and you will find a couple, but not many.
That’s just me. Maybe some of you can relate.
Since I am half-way through, though, I did muster up the courage to take a couple photos recently. Maybe I’ll take a few more this weekend when we venture up north. But then probably not again until I near 40 weeks. And at that point, it will be one, maybe two. And that will be all.

I am feeling good overall. The summer heat (92 with a heat index of 96 today!) hasn’t been too tough on this pregnant mama, as I’ve been in the air-conditioning a lot lately. But it is August. And I think a lot of people are doing the same thing, staying indoors or near a cool body of water. Regardless of being pregnant or not.
Thankfully, I haven’t been swelling too much, which was a pregnancy symptom of mine for three of my past pregnancies, the ones that occurred during the summer months.
The baby is growing and moving about quite a bit! In fact, during today’s ultrasound, the baby was extremely active for the technician. A good sign, I think!
Oh, and that lack-of-swelling that I just spoke of … that was my only “hunch” regarding the gender of the baby.
And my hunch was right …
My son’s Christmas wish is coming true …
He’s getting a brother!
We’re having a boy!!
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15 thoughts on “20 1/2 Weeks …

  1. Yeah … a boy! Joseph is still asking for a brother. We may have to adopt.

    And you look beautiful (though I can relate to the lack of pregnant mamma pictures — there aren't very many around here either!).

    Have a good trip!

  2. Ok. So I'll admit that I scrolled down to the bottom of your post to get to the point…and then I read the whole post. 🙂 Congratulations on your little son! What a Merry Christmas it will be!

  3. Hooray for Luke! We are so happy for you. You look amazing! I can't believe you are already at 20 + weeks. Our little love will be here in about 9 weeks! woah!

  4. Yea for boys! I'm glad he'll have a brother. Men need someone looking out for them as they go through life. No one better than a brother.

  5. I'm SO EXCITED!! You posted a baby update and a belly shot!! You look AMAZING!! Seriously, at this rate I'm doubting that I will look remotely that darling in 7 more weeks. You are just beautiful…:)

    And a boy!! How exciting for your son to have a little brother. So glad to hear that ultrasound went well and it sounds like baby boy is doing very well.

    May the blessings continue in your pregnancy and stay cool during this awful August weather!!

  6. Sarah,

    You are soooo beautiful! Thank you for the gift of this blog. Your mom told me about it. I am praying that the remainder of your pregnancy is a healthy one…and that your family continued to be blessed by God's grace. Be well!


  7. congratulations beautiful mama!
    i am so behind here. there. and everywhere. but i love this picture of you! you look radiant!
    so glad you and baby are doing well. and that your boy got his "wish". it may not be so "lonely" for him now, but in the years to come, he is going to want a buddy. and i am pleased as punch that you'll be having another.
    i LOVE my boys! (most of the time). it is so different to be a mama of boys.
    praying for you. you're "almost" there. and it will fly by.
    take care, precious friend.
    love in CHRIST.

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