Grocery List Helper

Grocery List Helper

Something that I’ve been using for awhile now, that I find very helpful in making my weekly grocery list and in remembering those little household items that we run out of on any given day, is this “time to get” list.

I found it at my local SuperTarget, in the stationary/office supply area.
What I like about it is that it is magnetic, so it neatly stays on the side of my fridge. It remains accessible, without getting buried in a pile of bills or school papers. Also, it already contains a good number of common foods and household items—next to cute little boxes—so all I have to do is check off the items we need. Plus, there are plenty of lines for those items that pertain to our unique household.

Of course, I do still forget to get things at the store. But I also think that my forgetfulness has become a bit less frequent with the help of this list. And if I keep the list going throughout the week, I don’t feel the need to make little trips to the store to buy things when we run out of them. I simply put them on the list and then get everything in one single weekly grocery trip. (I do think this is helping the budget, too!)
Just thought I’d share a helpful home-keeping tip on this first day of a new school/work week. Is there a product or system or idea that you have discovered that has been helpful in streamlining your homemaking duties? If so, please share!
Oh, and happy Monday!
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5 thoughts on “Grocery List Helper

  1. I typed up a grocery list, organized by category, of what we normally purchase along with extra spaces for add-ins. Once I had my typed version I took it to a copy store and had them print me copies front and back. Now all I need to do is highlight what's needed throughout the week. On grocery day, I look at the ad's online and add the sale items that we could stock up on. Super helpful to me:)

  2. My breakfast, snack, and lunch menus remains the same weekly, so I have a master grocery list that contains all the items needed for breakfasts, snacks, and lunches. On Saturdays, I look at the ads and create a dinner menu for the week, usually according to what's on sale or what I have that I need to use up. I then go through my master grocery list on the computer and add the dinner items and subtract the things we haven't run out of yet. Works great for me! (I also have a magnetic pad on the fridge for misc items like toothpaste and toilet paper that we need to pick up.)

    Happy homemaking!

  3. Exspectantes & Michelle, I have a "master" grocery list on the computer, too. I got the idea from a magazine to organize it by my grocery store's aisles. It makes shopping faster! Although they just rearranged the entire store, so I have to redo it ~ LOL!

  4. I have mine organized by aisle too! It is much easier for me to shop, plus it makes it way easier when my DH has to shop without me — he doesn't know the store as well as I do and ends up wandering all over the place back and forth.

  5. Sarah, you may want to take a look at which lets you do all of this and way more online..

    You can store unlimited number of shopping lists online, start by choosing from a growing number of templates, add recipes to your account with a single click, share with others, print or email before you head to store, etc

    The site was in an invite-only beta until the last week; now it's open to everyone. Give it a try and let us know if you have any suggestions (big green feedback button)

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