Angel Food Cake Frosting

Angel Food Cake Frosting

This year for her birthday, my 8yo daughter requested Angel Food for her cake. I just assumed that I would buy it, because I’ve never made one before.
But then, my mom, who lives with us now, suggested buying a mix. She told me she has a pan. And she said it would be cheaper, being the frugal mama that she is. She also said it is easy. So, I agreed to give it a try. Moms can be so persuasive!
I was a bit nervous about baking this cake. Maybe because I knew I’d have to cool it upside-down on top of a glass bottle. I feel a bit silly now, as it’s not as if I was baking this Angel Food Cake from scratch. I’m talking about a mix here! How hard could it be?
Well, it wasn’t hard at all, of course. And even if it was from a mix, to my daughter it was “homemade.” (Isn’t she sweet?)
But what I did make from scratch was the frosting. Upon her initial request for this cake, I didn’t know what to top it with. Strawberries and whipped cream didn’t seem right for a November birthday. Even more so because the day we celebrated we had our first snow fall!
I found this recipe for Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting, and it was very good!
Whether you buy it, make it from a mix or bake it from scratch, this frosting is a delicious complement to an Angel Food Cake. So, I thought I’d share it here … Just in case one of your daughters ever requests Angel Food Cake for her birthday.

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5 thoughts on “Angel Food Cake Frosting

  1. Angel Food Cake is very popular at our house on the feasts of the angels. I have a Chocolate Angel Food Cake recipe on my food blog (white, too) if you ever decide to do it all from scratch — it's really very easy! Chocolate Whipped Cream sounds heavenly — even just to eat with strawberries!

  2. That looks like the same frosting my mom used to make. She also mixed half of it with little marshmallows and stuffed the angel food cake with it (cut it in half and scoop out a trench all the way around). Then she put slivered almonds all over the outside. Yummy!

  3. Yumm!! My mother in law makes angel food cake FROM SCRATCH with like 12 egg whites. Craziness. Then she makes a yellow cake with the yolks. She is one heck of a cake baker and has made the wedding cakes for all her kids (11 kids…minus 3 who aren't married). I am not good at cakes…so the box is good for me if I need cake that can be eaten…lol. =)

  4. Yum! I always love Angel Food cake, but rarely make it. I've only ever done it from a box and it turns out every time. The frosting sounds yummy too. Will def. have to try it soon…now I'll be craving it until I do 🙂

  5. The first cake I ever made from scratch was an angle food cake. It really isn't that hard! Then again, I did use a kitchen aid and I think a kichen aid makes everything easier!!

    It looks so yum!

    AND Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!!

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