Beautiful Order

Beautiful Order

Last week, the real temperature was well below zero here in Minnesota. My Kindergartener even had school cancelled; it was that cold! So, I hunkered down with my five children to make the most of a shut-in day.

After the twins went down for their morning nap, the trio and I decided it was finally the right time to reorganize their bedroom and the play area in order to find homes for their new favorite treasures of Christmas.

We started with the desk area in the play room, which needs to be shared among them but wasn’t being done so very well. We divided and conquered and even made it pretty, much to their delight. We categorized more play-room items, and found empty bins, boxes and baskets around the house that could house their various collections. We even were able to pack up two boxes for charity, as well as throw out odds and ends that tend to accumulate with time. Here are the results of the desk and play area:

After the playroom, we moved into their shared bedroom. It is not big, and they have very little space to call their very own—their bed and one-third of a shelving unit. But what’s theirs is theirs, and our rule is that everyone must respect each other’s special area. (If it’s on your sister’s shelf, you can’t play with it without asking first.) The things in their room are really their very special, most prized possessions, so it is necessary to make room for them, as well as try to make it pretty.
We had to sort again, making room for new favorites and deciding where to house old favorites. For example, a special new book may be added to the shelf, but an old standby may now go into the book basket that everyone shares. Here is the result. The girls were thrilled!

Now, let’s face it; the beauty of this organizational accomplishment didn’t last long. No, after we finished, the twins woke up from their nap, we ate lunch, played a little, and much to my dismay, my little guy had every book pulled down within a few minutes.
So, what’s the point, you or I may ask? Well, there is a point in organizing our homes, in teaching our children about order and trying to make our homes beautiful. These things teach our children, and remind ourselves, that God created the world and all things in it in an orderly fashion, and He continues to create things of pure beauty all around us. We can honor and glorify Him by creating and ordering in our homes, which He has given us to care for. These lessons give us hope and encouragement during those times when everything is a mess and we slowly begin to bring order out of the chaos. These lessons will bless our children not only now but in their future vocations, whatever they may be. For these lessons will help them grow in understanding and appreciation for God’s desire for order and beauty, and their mom’s steadfast quest to follow His will.
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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Order

  1. I like your newly organized shelves and bins! Looks very similar to my own girl rooms. It does just have to be redone every six months or so though, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Um, sorry, I just found your blog randomly and I am wondering if you are married to Greg? It would be a small, small world. We are in St. Louis and knew him back in the day through SPO.

    you can email me at

    p.s. love the blog!

  3. I am forever trying to be organized, yet still have “piles” everywhere!!! I think without children I am very organized but it’s a constant struggle with them, I really like your post on this and why we do it!! Beautiful! (I would not trade organization for my children, ever, it’s just an inner struggle to want to be more organized and have less clutter)

    Your children are beautiful!! I am always drawn to read about twins, I have even prayed for them. Now that would be a nightmare for my doctors–a 39 year old, 5 repeat C-section, type 1 diabetic pregnant with twins!!!

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