From Our House to Yours …

From Our House to Yours …

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Getting ready for the day …

Special Valentines from a special kindergartner …
My favorite: a spiritual bouquet for Mom of 4 Hail Marys!

Around our house, touches of love …

On Valentine’s morning, some sweet surprises …
One flower each from Dad to his 3 oldest girls … A favorite fairy tale, too.

Later on, a hunt for Valentine treat buckets, and what’s inside?
Pencils, an eraser, a holy card and a coupon booklet.

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”
Wishing you and yours a lovely day!
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5 thoughts on “From Our House to Yours …

  1. my favorite-besides those precious cards and flowers-which are my weakeness-i have SUCH a hard time throwing stuff like that out-is THE RED DOOR.
    red and yellow are my favorite colors.
    happy st. valentine’s day!!!

  2. You changed your blog name! I like it. I didn’t know JMJ was doing the patron saints…that’s a really great gift. I have two patron saints this year, as well. Cute pics of your home, too.

  3. Yay, I found it! I tried to come to your old blog this morning and it directed me to sign in, so I did and somehow created a blog called Lord make me a Saint, but under your http address!!! I quickly deleted it and hoped to hear from you!!

    Love your cute valentine touches! I love seeing everyone elses valentine trees too!

    I’m going to have to try those melted crayons! Do they stick to the muffin pan? That’s why I’ve never done them!!

  4. Nice new place! I’ll visit you here!!

    I love all of your Valentine photos!! I love your kitchen towels too. And your books display….especially want to ‘open’ LOVE IS…
    I also see a St. Valentine book and would love to read that too. I am confused about ‘St. Valentine.’

    Looks like you had a great day of love!

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