I finished my first scarf. Hooray!! I believe I first mentioned this project back in April when I started taking a beginning knitting class, which was a birthday present from my husband and kids. I gave one other pictorial update in May. I took a long break from knitting shortly after that. I’m not sure why. But I picked it up again in late June/early July … And now, my very first project is finished!
Here are some more photos …

Some detail of the cables, eyelet ridge and color change …

The eyelet ridge up close, which was created by doing a yarn over. I thought this was a fun stitch …

Color change up close …
Overall, I’m pleased with my first knitting project. It’s not perfect, of course, but I can see my progress, which is encouraging. I think the scarf is a bit short, so luckily it’s for my five-year-old daughter, who doesn’t need an especially long scarf =)
My current project is the same scarf pattern but in pink for my six-year-old daughter. I am altering the color-change portion a bit to create thicker stripes of the lighter color. I chose to do the same pattern, because this particular one gives me a lot of practice doing various stitches. I have plans for at least one more scarf, and then I’d like to try a hat!
Well, friends, I hope that whatever your weekend brings—knitting, sewing, gardening, cleaning, traveling, etc.—it is filled with God’s peace and joy! See you soon!
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10 thoughts on “Ta-da!

  1. Super cute! I'm impressed with the variation in stitches. I can only muster the plain and simple with knitting, and I assure you it would take me much longer!!

  2. Sarah – the scarf is amazing! great work. I should have taken the class with you – Lord knows you are now a much better knitter than I –

    Also, I love the tooth fairy story – Bella Simone is a perfect, but so was the "Dentina" name someone mentioned. So precious. Of course #1 would ask for her name! We are getting all settled in here in WA – I can't believe how big the twins are in the picture with your mom —- wow! Boy twin looks so cute with the hair cut!

    And progress on the house situation?


  3. Congratulations-it looks perfect! Can I borrow it for a knitting project I'm supposed to turn in, I'll give it back after I get a good grade, I promise! Just kidding!:) You did see my "teacher's pet" post right? Otherwise you wouldn't get that!

    So jealous though- knitting is a gift I don't possess, along with sewing! You are so blessed!

  4. Anne is being naughty! I read her story and her comment is very funny. Thanks for the chuckle, Anne!
    I LOVE your scarf. Wonderful effort and I'm so pleased you finished and have plans to make more! Some day I will learn to knit.
    I just found a needle craft shop (no knitting or crocheting though) that will feed my needs for cross stitch and embroidery. They even have classes . . . guess I'll be getting information this weekend and figuring out a class I can take for my birthday.
    Can't wait to see your next project.
    Have a blessed weekend, too!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words, ladies! I appreciate them, and I love sharing the things of life, in this virtual but real world, with you =)

    Barbara, I like that pattern! We just might have matching scarfs this winter!!

    Anne, I get the comment, as I remember reading your teacher's pet post. Very funny!

    Sarah, I hope you find a class you want to take for your b-day … It must be coming up, huh?!

    And, Laura, I hope to give an update on the quilt soon …

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