In Pieces

In Pieces

This morning, there was a large package on my front porch. My Amazon order had already arrived earlier this week, so I wasn’t sure what this particular box could be. Then, I noticed who it was from …
… It was my Advent wreath! Finally!!
Although I have gotten very used to my simple little wreath and have actually grown quite fond of it, I was excited to introduce our new “Journey to Bethlehem” Advent wreath—with purple and pink tapers—on Gaudete Sunday, and enjoy it for the second half of Advent.
I quickly opened the box to find …
… an Advent wreath in four pieces!
I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh. So. very. unbelievable, I thought to myself!
I packed it back up and will get it ready to return.
Perhaps a formal Advent wreath is not meant to be this year. Perhaps this is a continuation of the lessons God is trying to teach me during this time of waiting, hoping and preparing. I thought that I had learned my little lesson already, but perhaps there is more to it.
I think I’m OK with it all. A little disappointed. But OK.
Our Advent has been so blessed this year, and I have much to be grateful for. Even though this time of year is naturally busy, I feel like it is going a little slower. I am grateful that I still feel like I don’t have to do it all (and that’s huge for me =) I am enjoying our simple prayers, books, Advent calendar and count-down chain. It is fun to make little bead projects with my preschooler, rather than doing any formal lessons with her this month. It is good to talk with the kids about how to prepare our own manger, the manger of our hearts, for the Baby Jesus. All the good deeds make His bed warm and cozy. All the bickering and complaining isn’t very welcoming … Yes, with or without a formal wreath, our Advent has been good. Not perfect, because it never will be, but oh so good.
With that said, we look forward to a fun weekend ahead of us. We plan on putting up our Christmas tree, and celebrating the feasts of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Lucia. What will you be up to this weekend? Whatever it may be, I pray that it is a blessed and joyful time, as we wait with anticipation for the coming of Our Lord Jesus on Christmas!
Peace to you …
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8 thoughts on “In Pieces

  1. OH, no, I have to admit, I did laugh a little while reading this!! But I do feel bad for you!

    I think you are supposed to go and pick one early for next year…after Christmas!

    We will have to have Mexican food for Our Lady of Guadalupe and maybe make paper bag tilmas, have you seen those? You'd have the kiddos color a coloring sheet of Our Lady of Guadalupe and glue or tape it to a paper bag and cut arms and a head hole and there you go!! Kind of fun!

    Have great feast days!

  2. Honestly, I had the same reaction as Jamie. Funny, but sad. I could see that it is a very beautiful wreath and hope the replacement arrives safe and sound.

    We plan to put up our outdoor lights – just snowflakes – around our front porch. I also plan to finish the decorating and we want to get the tree inside (it's been thawing in the garage) and decorate it, too.

  3. Oh, how the Lord works. I was excited to see the wreath, even in pieces, because it's the same wreath we have! We don't have it out this year because we're between homes and I have really been missing all of our own Advent decor. So, you and I will be missing our wreaths, the same wreaths, together. 🙂
    Clara will celebrate her first reconciliation tomorrow!!! Then we're having a family gathering to celebrate her sacrament and the feast day–a little Mexican food, a pinata, a fun night. We'll probably be low-key for St Lucy's feast. I have some cinnamon rolls in the freezer. It will be a good day to pull those out. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend as a family.

  4. Good Lord! Well, send it back, I guess, but you know: it is kinda sadly funny. Ironic? Yes!

    Well, it hasn't broken you . . . and that is a good blessing!

  5. That's sad! God must have a metaphor in there. Can you glue it? I bet you can make something yourself.

    I put floral foam in a green pot because my celtic advent wreath, that is almost identical to this, was too big for my narrow kitchen table. I stuck my 3 purple and 1 pink tapered candles into the foam and filled in the rest with some greenery and silk pointsettas.

    I bet you could find many other ideas in googling. Maybe God wants it to be something you all brainstorm and do together?

    God bless you, friend.

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