The Holiest Days

The Holiest Days

We had a blessed Triduum and joyful Easter Sunday! And, as my girls remind me daily, we are still celebrating the glorious Resurrection of Our Lord, for the next 50 days in fact!
Here is a glimpse of how we spent the holiest days of the year …
On Holy Thursday and Good Friday, we took time each day to read stories, pray, reflect and prayerfully color pictures about Our Lord’s passion and death. We also listened to this piece of music; thanks, dear Regan, for the recommendation. It provided a thoughtful and solemn meditation for all of us.

On Good Friday, we ate traditional Hot Cross Buns for breakfast, thanks to a local bakery that offered them during these holy days. We kept supper simple, too. We also read the Gospel at 3 p.m., and the kids watched an animated passion movie. That night, my husband and I watched The Passion. As much as it is so painful to watch, I don’t think my Lent would have been complete without viewing it again.

On Holy Saturday, we colored Easter eggs.

This is my girl who kept wanting to re-dip the eggs to experiment with new colors. I allowed this, despite my internal hesitancy, but stopped her just before they would have started turning brown. (My husband was very proud of me for allowing her to flourish in her creativity. He knows me too well: I wanted the eggs to stay the pretty yellow and pink; she wanted to think outside the Crayola box!)

The end result: They are so beautiful, so representative of the kids’ unique creative abilities!

On Easter Sunday, after Mass and a lovely brunch, we went to our neighbor’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. They do a marvelous job providing this enjoyment for more than 15 kids, 11 years old and younger (not including the four who are one year old or younger)!
The first time the twins were on grass. They were a little hesitant. Boy didn’t like it at all! Girl just sat there looking cute, rather than running all over, which she does indoors.

A basket full of eggs—with candy and stickers inside. Also included in the egg hunt are the twelve Resurrection Eggs, which, if found, can be redeemed for a bigger prize after the accompanying story is read and explained.
Beautiful yellow tulips (my favorite) graced my dining room table, a little Easter treat for myself!
I hope and pray these holy days have blessed you and yours, too, and that you continue to celebrate the glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
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8 thoughts on “The Holiest Days

  1. I'm the same when it comes to egg dying. This year, I let my younger brothers, sister & sister-in-laws handle the egg dying while my mom & I prepped for our meal. The kids had a great time & had fun experimenting – & I didn't worry a bit. Your eggs did turn out beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful time during the Triduum & it's continueing beyond.

  2. Wow… such a lovely Triduum you had…and such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the details! It really means so much more when you make the effort to DO meaningful things during those days, doesn’t it? I will take a few tips from you for next year!

  3. “adding me to your links?”….do people really ask that? anyhoo

    Your family is of course sweeter then sweet! Talented beyond measure in the egg coloring dept.

    Good for you treating yourself to some tulips!!! Yes it is spring….yes it is spring…that would be the flowers shouting for joy!

  4. what colorful, beautiful pictures sarah. i love those tulips! and God bless you for allowing that creativity in your little one to flow. i gave up on “perfect” a looonnnggg time ago. if i want something to look even semi-nice i make my OWN craft. i have found this really helps me to let the kids be. i used to be the bossiest craft person ever. not saying you are. but i know how hard it is. especially when you want something to look nice in pictures! but then again that’s me, always worrying about how “the picture” is going to turn out….
    sorry for rambling.
    those kids of yours are so dang cute!

  5. Your children are beautiful! God bless them. What a great job on your Easter spreads,even your daughters “egg”sperimentatinons came out really nice! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Love all the Easter photos Sarah! Especially the white and colored eggs in the wire basket. The wire ones let the light in nicely!
    Your kids are adorable. What a wonderful and contemplative Lent and Easter they experienced, which will surely become such a part of them. The wtins on the grass for the first time was totally cracking me. Boy does THAT bring back memories. The first time on the grass is always a riot. Girl sat there because she din’t want to put her hands down to get up! So funny. I love that age.
    Glad you had such a fulfilling Tiduum!

  7. Such beautiful pictures and your children are absolutely darling!

    What a wonderful celebration you had. Happy Easter to you all!!

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