7 Quick Takes Friday—Volume 5

7 Quick Takes Friday—Volume 5

1. This is my 100th post! I believe it is cause for celebration. Don’t you agree? Before I began this adventure in December 2008, I asked a friend, “What would I write about?” And look at me now, 100 posts later! I guess I have plenty to write about … I have found this place to be one where I can journal my thoughts, ask questions, share ideas, profess my faith and give family updates. I never would have dreamed of meeting so many fabulous women who are inspiring in their faith, motherhood and creativity. I am grateful for this unique type of friendship that we share. In honor of this 100th post, I will pray a Rosary for all of you who visit me and whom I visit, too. I am happy we can encourage and pray for each other along life’s journey.
2. Yesterday was a momentous day in our family. We said “goodbye” to our little boy’s curls! But we said “hello” to this cuteness:

I can’t get over how different, how big he looks now! I loved the curls, and it was sad to see them go. But I really love the way he looks so *boy* now! It’s so much fun having a little boy. I love it more than I ever thought I would …

3. I made my decision. I am going to homeschool my four-year-old in preschool this fall. It was a hard decision for me. My other girls went to preschool, and I seem to think everything needs to be equal among them. But this decision is best for everyone, including me. I think our mornings will be less hectic, and therefore I will be less stressed! There will be less running around, too … Regan suggested the Little Saints Preschool Program, and then a friend IRL told me she had used it, too. I figured that after two trustworthy friends suggested it, I should at least look at it. So, I did, and I like it. My IRL friend is letting me borrow her copy for the school year! I will probably not do every game and art project, because I just can’t, but I will add practicing letters and numbers. Now that the decision is made, I am really excited about it! I am especially looking forward to the one-on-one time with my daughter.
4. This week I had the opportunity to defend the Catholic faith. It made me a little nervous to be so outspoken, but it was one of those situations where I had to say something. The night after I spoke out, I experienced some doubt, but I think it was the enemy putting it in my head, saying, “You’re not an expert. What do you know?” But I prayed through it, and I received confirmation that what I said was good and honest and that I spoke in a caring way. I may not be an expert, but I do know the Truth. I also know that when our Pope is being disrespected, it is important to say something. I pray for those to whom I defended the Faith, that their hearts are open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance of knowing and embracing the real and beautiful Truth of our Catholic faith.
5. My six-year-old lost her 5th tooth this week. But it was accidently thrown away, as we were cleaning up after dinner. She was completely distraught. She worried all night that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t visit, because her tooth had been thrown out … I told her to write the Tooth Fairy a note, explaining what had happened, and I tried to reassure her that she wasn’t the first girl this had happened to. Her note read:
Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost a tooth today.

P.S. What is your name?

P.P.S. Someone threw the tooth in the garbage.
I thought her note was so cute, but asking for the Tooth Fairy’s name??? I had never heard of that. Isn’t her name Tooth Fairy? When I asked her about it, she said, “Well, [so-and-so’s] Tooth Fairy’s name is Shimmer … Oh boy, I thought, I have to compete with Shimmer …
So, her Tooth Fairy wrote her a note back. I won’t retype it all here, but I will tell you that her name is Bella Simone (thanks to my mom and I thumbing through the Pottery Barn catalog that night). Pretty fancy, huh?! I’ve determined that there’s no need for baby name books anymore; one probably could name their entire family just by looking through the PB catalogs! LOL
Oh, one more thing … It boggles my mind how we got into the Tooth Fairy when we don’t even *do* Santa! Hmmm … Go figure!
6. As a final activity on our last stay-cation, we went to a beautiful zoo and park this week. The vintage carousel rides were free, we viewed the butterfly garden and saw a bunch of animals. We even picnicked in this wonderful spot. It was a lovely day with cooler temps; perfect!
7. We have a packed weekend ahead of us … I look at my September calendar, and it’s wide open. I hope it stays that way, as August has been a lot busier than I thought it would be. Do you have a good way of managing the busyness in your family’s life? Do you keep activities to a certain number per week? How do you decide what to do and what not to do? I’d love to know what works for your family, so that as we enter the fall season, perhaps I can manage the number of our commitments a little bit better …
Have a blessed weekend, and for more quick takes, visit Conversion Diary.
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13 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday—Volume 5

  1. You can share our first lost tooth story with your newly toothless one: our oldest swallowed her first lost tooth! She also explained it to the Tooth Fairy in a note.

    BTW, how do you not "do" Santa? We haven't made it a big deal, but how do you completely not do it with cousins and friends, etc, who do?

    As far as limiting activities and managing busyness … Hmmm … that's a good one. I look forward to reading others' responses!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! Good for you for deciding to homeschool. That's something I have always wanted to do, but DH was never keen on the idea. Great that you were able to stand up for the Catholic faith! It always makes me nervous when I'm faced with having to do that.

  3. Happy 100! You don't look a day over 10! Ha ha…
    Love the Tooth Fairy story! What's the going rate at your house anyway? My kids' tooth fairy leaves a quarter.
    Bless you! Looking forward to 100 more!

  4. congratulations on your 100 posts. It is a great milestone.

    Can't wait till you get to 1000.

    Thanks so much for standing up for the Catholic faith. I struggle to know when and how to stick up for it sometimes.

    Oh and the tooth fairy story is cute. I haven't had to come up with a name for our tooth fairy yet.

  5. Cute tooth story. We don't do Santa either and I've tried not to do the Tooth Fairy either. I always leave a treat, but I never told her who left it. She'd ask and I'd just say "who do you think left it?" It worked for a while, but then everyone would talk about the Tooth Fairy when she'd loose a tooth so I think she wants to believe there is one.
    I guess my dilemma is this: If the kids believe there is a Tooth Fairy (or Santa, or the EB), whom they can't see, but they "experience", and I told them there is a Tooth Fairy, etc, my children will eventually find out that it wasn't true. And then perhaps ask the question "what else haven't you been completely truthful about? I can't see God, but you told me that He exists. But maybe you haven't been truthful about that either."
    Perhaps I'm over-analyzing, but Brendan came up with the same scenario which is one of the reasons we haven't encouraged any of those things in our home. (The Santa/Bunny thing has a completely different dimension that takes precedence over this one.) I honestly think TF's are completely harmless, we've just decided to take a open approach to this situation while still making it fun!
    I have a friend who named her Tooth Fairy "Dentina" which I think is one of the most hilarious and creative things I have ever heard of! I still laugh out loud when I recall that story. 🙂
    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  6. Thanks for the rosary Sarah! And congratulations on standing up for the faith! That's always hard for me too, but it is so very important! Keep it up! So glad you've reached your hundredth post, I enjoy reading them!

  7. Congrats on the 100th post! And thank you so much for your prayers! Prayers right back at you!

    To tell you the truth, I never even pay attention to how many posts I've made, isn't that dumb?

    We did Little Saints last year, it is a great program, but too much when trying to school others. I think it would be perfect for you, only teaching one, and the little ones of course will do it too!

    Very cute "big boy" hair, Hard day on mama, I'm sure!!

  8. These were fun to read, Sarah. : )
    We don't 'do' Santa, or the TF or any of those holiday characters. One of my reasonings is exactly what Molly said-not jeopardizing their trust. But I've got a long list. I wouldn't even be able to keep up with all that pretend stuff, ALSO, even if I wanted to.

    How sweet about your little boys haircut. He does look adorably boy-ish now. As you may know, we had a big haircut in our family, and GOT curls out of it.

    Congrats in deciding to do some homeschooling this year! We never did anything formalish or packaged for that stage. We just jumped into K when the time came.

    Good job sticking up for our faith Papa Benedict!!

    Thanks for the rosary. I'll say one in turn. : )

  9. Congrats on the milestone post … mine came and went without me realizing until I was quite a few past!

    Cutting bangs is one thing, but those curls are hard. It's amazing what a haircut can do for a little boy – no longer a baby.

    Have fun with your dd and homeschooling pre-school! She'll probably really relish the opportunity to be the 'biggest' sister at home.

  10. Cute hair cut!
    Happy Anniversary on the blog! YOu sure have become a wordy little thing here, yeah? I love it!
    God bless you in every endeavor!!

  11. blogger just ate my comment.
    boo hoo.
    but what i wanted to say was-i loved this post. so informative. and i know what you mean about cutting the curls. it is such a bittersweet thing. great tooth fairy story. we've tons of those. and i so treasure those memories.
    hugs sarah.

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