Craft Basket Wednesday

Craft Basket Wednesday

What a busy—but fun—Christmas week it has been! I keep trying to sneak some time to write a bit, but my time has been filled with family, food and lots of fun! When things finally quiet down, I will be able to catch up.
But for now, since it’s Wednesday, I wanted to try out my very first Craft Basket Wednesday post. Amy-Caroline at Knit Together sponsors them. I always enjoy reading her crafty posts, so I thought I’d join in the fun.
I made one thing for Christmas gifts this year: hand-knit dishcloths. I found the pattern at Homespun Living. Here is a direct link.

I purchased more than enough yarn, so I’ll probably make them from time to time … I thought that I’d whip up at least a dozen, but I made six (five and-a-half to be exact).
I wrapped them up with green ribbon and included some Christmasy recipe cards. I gave one to my mom, MIL and three SILs. I hope they liked them. I know my mom did, for sure!

I really would like to increase the number of handmade gifts that I give, but at the rate I knit, I’d have to start in January! LOL! Maybe that’s not such a bad idea … Hmmm.
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7 thoughts on “Craft Basket Wednesday

  1. They are delightful and so cheery!! We did lots of knitted gifts this year too, thanks for the link to the pattern 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. those are so darling, sarah.
    the pattern is sitting right here on my desk. i copied it down weeks ago.
    of course i've had no time to start any, but maybe soon.
    i love the way you made those little cards and tied them with ribbon. cute.
    hope you have a blessed new year.

  3. I think they are lovely . . . I love red and the contrasting white is so pepperminty! Very festive! I love love love handmade gifts, and when they are useful as well, bonus!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Those are gorgeous and I think a wonderful idea. I would love a gift like that.

    This year I really want to learn how to knit. Any great ideas on how to do it on my own?

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