7 Quick Takes Friday—Volume 6

7 Quick Takes Friday—Volume 6

1. This is a bit early because of my No-Computer Fridays fast … I thought about scheduling this to post on Friday, but then I didn’t want anyone to think I was cheating =)
2. Today we remember what happened one year ago today. We remember my step-dad Russ. Today we pray for him:
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

3. This morning we were greeted with a friendly surprise:

A sneak peek at spring =)
I purchased these cheery tulips and daffodils yesterday at Trader Joe’s. They really brighten up our white dining room! The daffodils were completely closed when we went to sleep last night, and this morning, my trio was so delighted by their opening!
4. The retreat I went on last weekend focused a lot on family relationships and friendship. One key truth that struck me is simple and obvious, but I heard it with new ears, as if for the first time:
My children were specifically created to be raised by me.
The speaker went on to discuss how we will fall short. We are not perfect mothers. But where we fall short might be an area a child needs to grow in, a child may need to see our struggle in order to mature. We can’t be it all for them, and they can’t have it all.
Family life is fundamentally important ~ how we treat our husbands, children and parents.
Our family is our pathway to sanctification, to Heaven, and we are our family’s pathway, too.
5. The same speaker also talked a lot about time wasters, things that take us away from our family, and boy, did that get me thinking! Perhaps more on this later (but perhaps not). One thing I do know is that it confirmed my decision to have No-Computer Fridays during Lent!
6. A beautiful concept about friendship: Jesus called us friends (John 15:15). That means Jesus expects us to call Him friend, too. Therefore, friendship cannot just be a luxury. The deepest value of friendship is that it prepares us for our friendship with Jesus Christ.
7. The last part of our retreat was on trust and suffering. Too much to discuss in a quick-take format. But I hope to share some nuggets of truth on this topic next week, as it is so applicable to the Lenten journey.
Well, that is all for now. Have a very blessed weekend!
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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday—Volume 6

  1. Yes, I'm sure I could name a few VERY common time wasters!! However, a biggie for me is the reminding … if I only had to say something once and get an immediate result, there would definitely be more time for me and the 'others' involved in this consistency battle.

    I hadn't thought about the quote from the other angle – that our children might need to see our struggle. So THAT's why! On so many occaisions, I'm left wondering aloud 'why were these particular children given to me?' I know the answer to this, but I just need to voice it sometimes to get the angst out.

    Happy Lent … hard to believe more than a week has gone by already.

  2. Yours is the second quick take I saw today that featured daffodils! Oh how I'm missing spring!

    It makes sense that our children were specifically created to be raised by us. Lots to ponder there!

    My sympathy on the anniversary of your step-dad's passing.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful retreat. Wish I could have gone!

    I know what you mean about the cheating, lol! I have been writing my Friday posts early and having them post automatically while am sleeping, lol.

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