Sunny Days

Sunny Days

The weekend really lifted my spirits. It was warm, sunny and just so beautiful. We also were able to spend a lot of time together, as a family.

One of the perks of living in this temporary townhouse is how close we are to a lake with a beach! Within walking (or biking) distance. As you can tell by the photo below, on Saturday, we biked.

And this beach is free. I love free.
This is just a hunch, but I think we’ll be spending many summer days here, while we wait for our new house to be built … I hate to say it, but I’ve never wished a summer away. Until this summer. I. cannot. wait. to. move.
But we will make the best of it. And enjoy a summer like we’ll never have again.
And I will be grateful, because I have so much to be grateful for. Oh. so. much.
Even as I get used to cleaning sand out of shoes … and shorts … and everything else.
Happy Monday, folks!
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7 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. Your kids look like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If you want to remember this summer – after you are at your new home – just make a huge sandbox for the kids. I guarantee they'll drag in just as much sand. I'm living it. Love sand, but can't stand it at the same time!!

    Pudgy feet in shallow water is too cute.

  2. Looks like fun — good memories. Each kid needs a special pair of inexpensive plastic beach shoes and then you don't have to do so much cleaning. 😉

  3. It really is the free stuff in life that is the best.

    Wish I was soaking my tootsies with those cute kiddos too!

    Hope you have a great summer!

  4. Looks relaxing!
    Yes, I so know where you are in the moving thing. Even though we are far from having a home built or even owning our first house (thanks to the Navy life) . . . when we have to move (again) it seems like it's never going to happen. Remember my posts from the condo in downtown Honolulu? I could not wait to get into this house! (good luck getting me to leave it now ha ha ha).

  5. Unfortunately, I can totally. identify with the wishing away a summer thing. I am feeling pretty blue lately as the reality of our move sets in and I can no longer avoid thinking about it. And to think about moving twice — once into a transitional house on campus while we look for a house and then again probably during the school year — makes me feel completely overwhelmed. Any advice on the temporary packing thing since you're in the midst of it. One thing that I will have that you don't is lots. of. space.

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