Making This House Into a Home

Making This House Into a Home

Takes time.

And patience.
And extra resources. Not for extravagant things, mind you. But for things we often take for granted—like bathroom mirrors and window coverings.
[As of last night, we finally have mirrors, thanks to my sweet and handy husband. It was such a breeze getting ready this morning, without having to look into a handheld mirror to make sure my hair looked decent. But we still only have paper shades in the essential rooms of the house, like the bathrooms. My girls are getting really good at getting dressed in their closets!]

I know there is no need to rush. I have heard it takes a good year to finally feel settled into a new space. I get that. Really I do.

But along the way, we will be entering into the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. We also will be welcoming a new baby around this same time, too.
So, in my head, I feel like I have to get to a point where I can stop and be content. Content in simply preparing our hearts (and home!) for the celebration of Christmas. Content in simply cuddling a new baby boy and doing those essential newborn things. So that for a few months, we can simply live here without feeling like we’re still unpacking.
(Oh, and it would be nice to be able to park in the garage when that cold weather starts whirling in =)
I haven’t decided what date will be that “cut off date,” but I am guessing it will be toward the end of November. Another month.

And in the meantime, I don’t think all of the “settling in” has to be strictly utilitarian …
So, a few fall decorations have made their way into this new house. To warm it up a bit. And they’re working. Everyday, it really does feel more and more like home here.
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4 thoughts on “Making This House Into a Home

  1. I took out our fall decorations this year too — every little bit helps — even though I know this isn't home and I haven't unpacked a lot. I am meeting with a new realtor this morning and hopefully next year at this time …

    Miss you!

  2. such pretty fall things!
    love the sunlight in that second picture.
    you'll be settled before you know it…and then someday you'll look back at those pictures of when the house was being built and you'll say: where did the time go?
    enjoy these precious moments.
    and rest before that new baby gets here…you may not get out of those boxes for months!
    i am STILL not completely organized here.
    but at this point i am ok with that.
    it's just not the time for perfect organization.
    it's a time for raising children…
    love to you, friend.
    i haven't forgotten your letter.
    i am just caught in a whirlwind right now…but you understand.

  3. You are so right…it definitely takes a good year to get settled. We have lived everywhere for just under 2 years, so just by the time we get settled, we are almost moving again! Sigh. Maybe a few more years of this and we will get out of the military and it will be a whole new thing for me to be in a house that I can stay in "forever" (anything longer than 2 years!). I love your decorations. I made some orange tissue paper candle jars and put up a pumpkin or two and it warms the place up so much. I love orange anyways =) We are still going through our children's clothes. We got 3 HUGE trash bags of hand me downs from a cousin for my son and now this is our little (big) project. Found the baby clothes too!!! I can't believe how little the newborn clothes are! I can't wait to see my new little guy and yours too…wonder how close together they'll be born.

  4. I like your fall decorations . . . just the right touch. I've been lighting my pumpkin candle and getting other things out. I'm a scattered person so my decorations are very eclectic in many ways. I reckon folks react like I do: what is she thinking? Can't she part with some of this stuff for some of the year so this holiday can be the decor focus? Yes, I'm in need of help.

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