Learning From Mary: Saying Yes to God With Cheerful Readiness

Learning From Mary: Saying Yes to God With Cheerful Readiness

In today’s Gospel, Mary sets out to visit Elizabeth “in haste” (Luke 1:39). Just a few verses back from the Visitation account, we remember that Mary also responds to the angel’s request with a cheerful readiness. Mary does not delay in giving her “yes” to God (v. 38).

When God invites me to do something, however, I am a little slower in my response than Mary is. I am grateful for His invitation to be His servant, his handmaiden. But instead of responding to Him with an eager “yes,” I hesitate.

Can you wait a bit, Lord? Can I finish these things first? Can you come back when this or that is in order?

Mary did not ask God if she could give his proposal more time. She didn’t ask the angel of to come back in a week. No, she was ready to say yes, and I want to be ready, too.

But I don’t feel ready, because I feel unequipped. I feel unworthy and incapable. My hesitation results from the idea that I have to rely on my own strength and abilities to follow God’s plan. When in fact, I do not! I need to trust God and His will and plans.

God favors my lowliness

As I pray with today’s Gospel reading, one line in particular stands out: “he has looked with favor on his lowly servant.” In another Bible translation, it reads, “he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden.”

God invites me in my poverty, hesitation, and imperfection. He sees my low estate, and He still looks upon me with favor. He regards my lowliness and invites me to be his handmaiden anyway. He is doing great things for me …

Holy is his name!

Let us pray …

Lord, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful plans. Mary, thank you for showing me how to say yes to God.

Let us ponder …

Is God inviting you to something great? How can you respond with cheerfulness and readiness, like Mary?

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This Gospel reflection first appeared on CatholicMom.com. Photo: Unsplash

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  1. I love that term, “cheerful readiness.” I have been praying this year for the Lord to show me more about His sufficiency, and to be quick to obey Him there. This is a great confirmation of that! Blessings to you!

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