Five years ago today … She arrived four days early. She gave her mom the easiest and quickest labor and delivery ever. She surprised us all by being 20 inches long and weighing 9 lbs., 1 oz. She didn’t even look newbornish; she was already so sweetly chubby!

Along with arriving early, she walked and talked early, too …

And from the earliest of memories, she had a jolly disposition and a great, silly sense of humor.

She is sweet and loving toward others. Her heart is filled with a desire to help, especially her siblings, particularly her favorite little brother …

Now at five, it is hard to capture a simple nice smile … She is always making me laugh, even when I don’t want her to …

As I’ve mentioned once before, she changes her favorite color as often as she changes her socks. Today, it’s blue. She prefers brownies over cupcakes for her birthday dessert. She loves animals, especially horses, dogs and lions. She rides her bike well and is a very fast runner. She puts her heart into her unique artwork and is truly creative in what she comes up with.
She is a delight! And I am so proud of her! I am honored and grateful to God for giving her to me to care for.
Happy 5th Birthday, Darling Girl! I love you, Mom.
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10 thoughts on “Five

  1. Happy Birthday!!! What a blessing! My Little princess GG was also 9#1oz and a much easier labor and delivery than her brother who was a meek 8#11oz..haha..Your children are beautiful! God bless them!

  2. O Sarah! I see what you mean about the newborn shot. I just want to squeeze her. She is SOOOO lovely and I wish you all a richly blessed 5th year.

    My darling girl turns 5 this summer…and I feel it so poignantly that it is hard to believe she going to be that old!

  3. 5! wow! I can’t believe it. Tell her Anna said Happy Birthday! Any confirmation on the one date i had a question about for watching them?

    see you soon!

    p.s. Megan and Mikey got engaged Sunday. Year and a half or so for the wedding – they are very happy!

    The wedding planning trip home for me was great. Mom and I got TONS done, maybe everything, except the little things the week of the wedding. So exciting!

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