An Emmaus Journey (Of Sorts)

An Emmaus Journey (Of Sorts)

In today’s Gospel, we read about the disciples traveling on the road to a village called Emmaus. And while they were walking, Jesus drew near and joined them on their journey …

Today, my mom is on a journey of her own. She closed on her home in Florida on Monday, and is now making her way up here. She is accompanied by her brother. Yes, they are driving the moving truck up here, all. this. way!
You see, my mom is moving up here to live with us, in the house we will start building in another month or so. This has been a plan for a very long time, even before her husband (my step-dad) passed away about one year ago. (Both of them were actually going to come and live with us!)
Anyway, she is an avid Scripture reader and studier, and her all-time favorite reading from the Bible is that of the Emmaus journey. So, it is only perfectly appropriate that she is making her own journey on the same day that her favorite Scripture reading is the Gospel!
If you would please keep them in your prayers, as they journey today (and probably tomorrow). May God’s angels surround the truck and protect them on the road. And may Jesus truly be with them as they travel, giving them the utmost Easter joy along the way.
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9 thoughts on “An Emmaus Journey (Of Sorts)

  1. May Our Lady of the Highways intercede for her travel.

    Easter is especially a time of new beginnings for your family!

  2. Prayers for a safe journey. Your kids will develop a closer and more special bond with your mom. I grew on the same farm as my paternal grand-parents and have very fond memories of childhood and teen years. I'm excited for your kids … and of course, for you!

  3. Sarah,

    I responded to your question on my blog, but wasn't sure if you'd see it, so I thought I'd post it here, too:

    No! Kind Conversation definitely is *not* just for home-educators. There are lots of mothers of traditionally-schooled kids there. There's even an "afterschoolers" group there for mothers who live a homeschool-like style with their kids after school hours!

    Let me know if you join!! I hope you do.

  4. Yes, prayers for your mom's journey. I'm sure you will all learn so much when she comes to live with you. How blessed you are.

    Happy Easter!!

  5. Thank you all for your prayers for my mom's journey! She is in Illinois this morning and hopes to be in Wisconsin by this evening. She's almost here! Please continue to pray for her safety.

    Mary, Our Lady of the Highways, pray for my mom and uncle as they drive today.

    Oh, and Sarah, thank you for clarifying about Kind Conversation. That was helpful =)

  6. this was so beautiful, sarah!
    hopefully by now your mama is safe home with you.
    i, like suzie, have always liked this plan of yours.
    i am very close to my own parents.
    they only live 12 miles away from us. and since i am an only child, this relationship is important to my kids as well.

    your easter post was so sweet too.
    i loved those letters that spell easter. i have an obsession with "spelling" things throughout my house. JESUS. sits on the piano so everyone who passes by can see it. as well as other "words" here and there.

    and how funny that there was mention of kind conversation here today as i was just wondering, too, what it is.

    have a blessed weekend!

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