Yarn Along on a Cold February Day

Yarn Along on a Cold February Day

Real temperature as I post this: -7 degrees! It feels like -18!! (Hence the title =)
It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve participated in a Yarn Along, and I’ve missed it! But ever since my son was in the hospital, I just haven’t had a lot of time to knit. He is certainly on the mend, thank God, so I recently was able to finish my Milo vest (pictures here). And I just cast on a brand new project this past weekend. It’s good to be back with all of you, sharing our needle-art projects and current reads.
For her December birthday, I presented my mom with a gift certificate for a hand-knitted item of her choice. But with my son’s birth, Christmas and then with my son’s illness, I hadn’t had the chance to start it until now.
For her gift, my mom chose a neck warmer (or pidge), which is a shorter scarf secured with buttons. The pattern was free at the yarn shop I frequent. The yarn is Rowan Drift in Sombre.
As for books, I just started reading One Thousand Gifts. I’m only on chapter two, but I really like where it’s going … I have a feeling it will be a book that takes me a bit of time to read, simply because it is so full of thought-provoking ideas, words on which to meditate and other things to offer in prayer.
Well, that is all for this frigid Wednesday! For more Yarn Along inspiration, visit Ginny at Small Things.
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18 thoughts on “Yarn Along on a Cold February Day

  1. That neck warmer is lovely! I love the cabling and the grey wool is beautiful!
    More about the Milo! I'm looking forward to those pictures and think I am going to have to try one myself!

  2. I had no idea about your sweet baby, I'm so glad he is well and home now.

    The yarn is beautiful and the warmer looks deliciously warm, I love the greys. I bet your mom loves it!

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous neck warmer! I love the color and the cable. Your mom will be so warm and happy.

    I hope your sweet little son has a full and very speedy recovery.

  4. the gray yarn is absolutely fabulous! I was thinking about making a "neckwarmer" for my mom – I think she'd love one…hmmm maybe that'll be my next project 🙂

  5. I'm glad to hear your son is on the mend!

    Your neckwarmer looks wonderful.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my stick horse! I'm really happy with it.

    "The Book Thief"'s been on my to-read list forever, too. I hear great things about it, but haven't read enough yet to have formed an opinion myself.

  6. The cables on your neck warmer are really lovely and the yarn looks cozy. I am happy to hear that everyone is well at your house. I have heard so much about the book–I am going to have to pick it up one day soon.

  7. Lovely neckwarmer. Sorry to hear your little boy was in the hospital! Unfortunately, I can relate. But I'm happy he is well and home now. God bless.

  8. The neck warmer looks so cozy! I'm on chapter 2 of thousand gifts as well…definitely gives much to ponder along with my other ongoing read

  9. so glad your son is doing better and out of the hospital! we made three trips there in december and it was no fun at all. i have that book on my birthday wish list and look forward to getting it – know it will be such a thought provoking read.

  10. So glad to hear your little boy is getting better. What a scary time. Your mom's neckwarmer is beautiful. I love the cable and the color.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  11. I read that book on my Christmas Kindle before it was published and liked it so much, I bought two hard copies, too – one to keep and one to give away!

  12. the neck warmer looks unbelievably soft and cozy! I am hoping to do a Milo sometime, too, but am waiting to purchase the right yarn.

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