Day 1 :: 31 Days With Mary—Welcome!

Day 1 :: 31 Days With Mary—Welcome!

31 Days With

Welcome to 31 Days With Mary!

In the Catholic tradition, the month of October is devoted to the Rosary, the beautiful prayer that the Blessed Virgin Mary gave to St. Dominic, which invites thoughtful contemplation on the life of her Son, Jesus Christ. For the past few years, the month of October also is marked in the blog-world with a 31-day writing challenge, founded by The Nester, Myquillin Smith. I thought I would merge two of my favorite things—Our Blessed Mother and writing—during my favorite month of year. I came up with 31 Days with Mary.

During the month of October, I will blog something about Mary every day. It might be a review of a favorite Marian book; a special family tradition focused on a Marian feast day; a snippet about my own journey toward a deeper relationship with the Mother of God; or simply a beloved quote or prayer. I hope you will join me on this monthlong journey, and be sure to check out the hundreds of other bloggers who are participating in this 31-day challenge, too. All of us are linked up at 31 Days, under our respective categories. Mine is Inspiration and Faith.

Each day’s blog post will link back to my landing page, so you are able to follow along with me throughout the month.

Again, welcome to my blog and to this blogging series! I hope that through this experience all of us will grow closer to the Lord, through the intercession of His loving mother.

“As our love does not start with Mary, so neither does it stop with Mary … like a magnifying glass she intensifies our love of her Son and makes our prayers more bright and burning.”

—Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen—

Day 1 :: Welcome!

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